Vinyl rips mega post

I finally split all the tracks from vinyl I ripped a few years ago. I think it’s a great look at late ’90s and ’00s hardcore and punk. All of these are albums that I haven’t found anywhere else online, and all were ripped using high-quality software. As stated above, I’ve also split, labeled and provided artwork for all tracks. Unless otherwise listed, all albums are complete. Some notable albums here are the early Akimbo material, the Contra LP, the End on End tour-exclusive, the Nisi Period LP and the early Tidal self-titled. Enjoy!

Akimbo – Teen Cthulhu split 10″ (only Akimbo side, TC side was corrupted)

The Anomoanon – Portrait of John Entwistle 10″ (Oldhams paying tribute to Entwistle/the Who!)

The Assistant / The Scarlet Letter & Suicide Party / The Scarlet Letter split 7″s

Bafabegiya / Acts of Sedition split 12″ (Bay Area smart, crusty hardcore)

Blue/Green Heart – Self Esteem Through Modern Science 7″ (Converge dudes)

Casey Jones / Traitor split 7″

Contra – Boys Club Anthems 12″ (no track 2, corrupted)

dakota/dakota – Hamburger Help Us 7″ (pre-Russian Cicles! Track 1 is from the full length, other 2 are exclusive)

A Day in Black and White / Navies split 10″

Deadlock Frequency – Saints and Sinners 7″

The Death of Anna Karina / Theflyingworker! split 7″ (TFW tracks from their collection CD)

Dynamite Arrows / Brainworms split 7″

The Electric Mayhem / Fork and Knife & Fork and Knife / Helen of Troy split 7″s

End on End – European Tour 12″

Get Rad / Call Me Lightning split 7″ (cover each other!)

Greyskull / Bafabegiya split 7″ (Greyskull side found online, both sides included)

Hank Jones – Hey Boys, There’s Beer and Pizza In The Fridge… Love, Mom 7″

Hats and Glasses – Hats and Glasses 10″ (hard-to-find and unusually indie rock-ish Teenage Disco Bloodbath release)

Intent / Yo! Baba Larry split 7″

Is This Real / This Ship Will Sink split 7″

Life in Pictures – Life in Pictures 7″

The Mistake / Carry the Casket split 7″ (CTC side found online, both sides included)

New Mexican Disaster Squad – Peace With Nothing 7″

Nisi Period – Soon the Love Balloon Will Pop 12″ (’90s Boston post-punk)

Occam’s Razor – A Real Proposal for an Invisible World 7″

Order of the Dying Orchid / Ultra Dolphins split 7″

pg.99 / City of Caterpillar split 7″ (A Split Personality) (pg.99 tracks from their collection CD)

Scapegrace – Plead 7″

Stupid Babies Go Mad – Super Bastards and Great Motherfuckers 7″ (their best!)

This Computer Kills – This Life is Lived 7″

Tidal – Tidal 10″ (early/rare German screamo release)

When Tigers Fight – When Tigers Fight 7″

One thought on “Vinyl rips mega post

  1. Genuinely cannot thank you enough for taking the time to record, split and share all those records (and the rest!)

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