May Submissions

  • The Internet has been emailing new singles to people who’ve downloaded their EP, so I’m hoping for something big soon!
  • André Foisy and High Aura’D had a split cassette through Stunned Records but now it seems to be sold out but you can use your impeccable timing to check the site and get your hands on other super-limited releases. John Kolodij is the one-man powerhouse known as High aura’d, and lately he’s been gaining a much earned reputation for his six-string style and masterful sense of both studio & live composition. Cutting his teeth last year with an excellent Reverb Worship debut as well as accompanying Barn Owl on their 2010 tour, High aura’d beckons us yet again to journey the guitar-guided serpentine path. Entitled “Dusk Latitudes,” this side is a three-part display of the impressive range High aura’d takes his craft on levels of both amplified frequency and pure human feeling. The wonder and awe conjured here will be necessary anchor-points upon entering André Foisy’s spooked arena of souls on Side B. This member of esteemed Chicago group Locrian presents a grim monolith sculpted by his mighty guitar and dystopic groans. Not a trip for the weak of heart, Foisy invites all courageous initiates into an unforgettable labyrinth where quite anything can happen. Limited edition of 111 pro-dubbed & imprinted c45 tapes w/ double-sided color jcard.
  • One Trick Pony will be releasing a new album called Try Not To Worry So Much and it’s pretty good. One Trick Pony is known as much for its stripped down, eclectic arrangements as for its stark, straight-faced tales of drinking, loss, and love. The group has solidified a unique position in Los Angeles as a band who is as comfortable performing with indie noise rock bands like The Henry Clay People and HEALTH, as with experimental folk acts like David Thomas Broughton and Danielson. 
  • Soft Crest has a new single called Young Blood! Young Blood is the new single from Northern California quartet, Soft Crest. Following the 2010 releases of songs Perfect Sound and Baltic Girls, YB shows their experimentation with more traditional instruments, while still tying it together with the spacious sounds of previous songs. Their debut album Pacific Electric is finished with a release date that’s yet to be determined. In the meantime, they have chosen this single to give out for free to anyone who wants to hear it, and we fully appreciate you taking the time to give it a listen.
  • We Only Said has a new video for “I Discover the Murder” (below) and a short tour documentary!
    I DISCOVER THE MURDER by WE ONLY SAID by florianmarzano 
  • Tape Deck Mountain has a great new single too! Ack! Download “Kellies”.
  • Nikola Tesla deliver Nosotros Los Nijos from Spain, as suggested by a reader. He accurately labeled it post-screamo. Thanks for the link!

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