Post-Hardcore Mega Post

Download it all here, lazy:

First of all, I don’t care how you define post-hardcore. This is all-encompassing.

Stop It!! – Discography:

This Includes the albums ‘Self Made Maps’ and ‘This Is What It’s Like When Doves Cry’, as well as their song from the the Wayfarer’s All comp and their final demos that I’m fairly certain Robotic Empire/Obscurities posted but now I can’t find the link. They had awesome packaging and pedigree and it’s all best summed up by RE for Maps:

The debut full-length from Richmond, VA’s STOP IT!! is an undeniably catchy take on dark rock music. Ranging from harsh and frantic to melodic and stoned-out, this CD shows a raw young band with multiple personalities, all overlaid with shouted vocals and the occasional burst of beautiful harmonies. A fantastically detailed cut-and-pasted layout is housed in a paperboard pack accompanied by a 12-page booklet and perfectly reflects the urgency of this inspiring music. Members of Stop It!! came from ex-City of Caterpillar and Municipal Waste, and then went on to form/join Brainworms, Cloak/Dagger, Pink Razors and more.

Download the Stop It!! – Discography.

Hypatia – Discography, maybe, more or less:

Hypatia were probably from Pennsylvania and probably played screamo or hardcore punk or whatever, but anyway they were super-duper posi and wonderful and members later went to Yo Man Go!, Pissed Jeans, Belegost, The Gatecrashers, etc. I don’t know if this is everything they did, but in the download are their songs from the splits with The South and Robot Attack!, as well as their ‘We Move At Light Speed’ 7″. All songs were ripped from vinyl by myself and all tracks are split. This also goes for the 7″ rips below, and I’m not some cocksure vinyl elitist but I must say the quality is great and on the whole much louder and clearer than some other rips I have found online.


Exclamation points.

Download the Hyaptia stuff.

7″ Rips:

This is a collection of a whole bunch of 7″s (and one 12″) that I couldn’t find elsewhere online. As previously stated, I a) don’t care if it’s not technically ‘post-hardcore’ because a lot of it isn’t, and b) ripped and split all the tracks myself and think the quality is outstanding and hooray. Some of this is pretty unique, like the limited Doomriders live 7″, the Let’s Crash 7″ (’90s, go!), the Ton & Klangverein (ex-Tidal, the awesome German screamo band), some rare Frog Eyes and Jerk With A Bomb (Black Mountain) and TOWERS and Vidablue and Darker My Love. Download:

Pt. I – post-hardcore-sludge-powerviolence-core:

  • Bleeding Kansas – S/T 7″
  • Bullets*In – Trashed And Burned
  • Doomriders – Live At The Middle East
  • Draw Blood – Rowdyism
  • Inquisition/Kilara Split
  • US Funk Team/TOWERS Split

Pt. II – post-hardcore-punk-rock:

  • Fiya – S/T 7″
  • Grabass Charlestons – When The Funk Hits The Fan
  • Let’s Crash – S/T 7″
  • Milemarker – The Blood Brothers Split
  • Nakatomi Plaza/Latterman Split
  • The Tonsils – The Explosion Split
  • The Vidablue – S/T 7″
  • This Machine Kills – On The Move

Pt. III – post-hardcore-as-in-maybe-they-used-to-play-hardcore-but-now-play-psych-folk-y-stuff:

  • Darker My Love/Moccasin Split 12″
  • Frog Eyes/Jerk With A Bomb Split
  • Rachel Jacobs – Friend Overseas
  • Ton & Klangverein – S/T 7″
  • Woods – Ram

LAB053 – The Best Of Post-Hardcore:

And finally, a best-of mix! This covers a lot of ground, straight off from an inarguable pioneer of the scene Rites of Spring, to a current forerunner that took their same from that same D.C. era End of a Year. Lots of 2004-2006 stuff. Some Brits, some Swedes, some Japanese. As a sweet ender you get the YouTube rip of a live Pygmy Lush song that is beautifully stunning.

  1. Rites Of Spring – For Want Of
  2. End Of A Year – Beleaders
  3. The Tupolev Ghost – Giant Fucking Haystacks
  4. eastern youth – 敗者復活の歌
  5. The Rituals – Not A Tear
  6. Suicide Note – Let’s Get Hit
  7. Red Animal War – 77
  8. United States – Apartments
  9. Mouthbreather – Best Of Seven (demo)
  10. One Last Wish – Home Is The Place
  11. Malkovich – 017
  12. In Pieces – 10,000 Years
  13. Bear Vs Shark – Rich People Say Fuck Yeah Hey Hey
  14. Amateur Party – Gun Fever
  15. Bright Calm Blue – Static
  16. Kids Explode – Yards And Miles
  17. Transistor Transistor – I Am The Goddamn Devil
  18. Small Brown Bike – The Cannons And Tanks
  19. A Day In Black And White – Forward/Backward
  20. Segwei – For More
  21. Pygmy Lush – It’s A Good Day To Hide (live)

Download LAB053 – The Best Of Post-Hardcore.

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