April Submissions & Japan Benefits

  • Not a submission, but no better way to start: Decibully has a new and final self-titled album available on a pay-what-you-want basis. Also available through the Listening Party Records store are Decibully’s 2009 album and an exclusive single, as well as a side project of sorts under the name Eric & Magill. This is great and sad news, so cheers to whatever Ryan (Magill) and the rest do next. 
  • Los Angeles ‘Symphonic Psych/Prog Rock’ act 17 Pygmies has a sequel to their Celestina album out now.
  • Craig Cruiser has a great new single out, and has announced the upcoming digital release will be through AMDISCS, as well as a cassette through Wonder Beard Tapes. Awesome! Here’s ‘some bizarre fan-made video’:
  • IAMTHEAGENT are anticipating Vol. 3 and have a show for you fellow Aussies booked. 

I’d also like to here link three Japan earthquake benefit compilations put out that I’ve bought, that are surprisingly fantastic for being released in such a short time frame and that are much worth the cause and your money:

  • Resume is a three-volume iTunes download with unreleased tracks from names like Wolf Parade, Sunset Rubdown, Joan Of Arc, Love As Laughter and Mount Eerie, and a Carpenters cover by Tara Jane O’Neil (Louisville’s Rodan). $6.99/EP and 100% goes to victim support. 
  • VS. The Earthquake was a 22-track download that’s now ‘Out Of Stock’ but featured pop-punk-y bands like Koji and The Swellers and La Dispute. Hopefully it’ll be re-released.
  • And finally, the huge Thrill Jockey release Benefit for the Recovery in Japan. I just mentioned this in the last post, but it couldn’t not be mentioned again here. Huge, HUGE release. I have to be honest in saying that all times aren’t times for listening to Thrill Jockey bands, but whatever they did to put this together they did right. Never has a compilation––yet alone one put together in but a few weeks––been so listenable, all 64-tracks through. It’s beautiful. Parts & Labor singing in Japanese, The Ex, Bradley & Geofrey, Prefuse 73 and Plotkin bits, Stabbing Eastwood with Tunde from TV, Greg Davis, lots of names I’d not before heard, the Boredoms guy, other droners, agreeable electronica, surprising pop pieces, etc. It took me at least a week to get it downloaded because this release basically crashed their servers, since professionally fixed. $15 and now downloadable immediately. Also, go to Japan, it’s cheap right now and there’s no better time. 

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