LAB052 – En Español


or, de Animales Terrestres! Google Translate-tion, don’t blame me. Also apologies to the Bolivian black metal bands above I’m using fallaciously. If any of you are still together, get in touch.

So as pointed out in the Criaturas post, I’ve been working on and am now presenting an all-Spanish mix. And I tried to keep it authentic, keeping pesky Catalan and Galician––and of course others nearby like Basque and Portuguese––out of the proverbial and literal mix. How well I succeeded in that can be argued; artists like multi-lingual Manu Chao and Canary Islands-born but Barcelona-based El Guincho ride a wide line I’m not hip-with-it enough to define. The rest though, I’m fairly sure, are decent representatives of the Spanish language.

Lucky for us, Spaniards were great at running amuck for hundreds of years on foreign soil, and confident enough in their language (as opposed to, say, wall-building) to thoroughly oppress however many native tongues they did through South and Central America. This means bands here hail from such exotic locales as Argentina, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Uruguay, France, the United States, and of course many locations across diverse Spain. On notable exception is Japan, wherein resides Corrupted, who I have now left out of enough mixes to not need further description.

I’ve also left off two other enjoyable bands at opposite extremes, Arse Moreira and Aias. Aias was featured on my Best of 2010 mix, but falls to far into the fiercely-Catalan category for consideration here. And Arse Moreira, while from Mexico City and appropriately Spanish-speaking, recorded with terrible quality so I’d rather you just look them up and listen separately, and not after big-production MIS tracks.

As far as what is on the mix, it first needs to be noted that the Helado Negro track came from Thrill Jockey’s Benefit for the Recovery in Japan double-disc download which should, for every reason imaginable, be purchased. Other notable tracks are those from Texas’ Deskonocidos and Spain’s Montañas. With those tracks as beacons, the mix ranges from crust/hardcore to folk punk to electro-tango to psychedelic to screamo. All over the map.

If you’d like more music sung in Spanish, some notable blogs and record labels to check out would be: club fonograma, For Ex-Lovers OnlyNacional Records, Escucha! Records, Elementary Revolt‘s Spanish contributor, and some others I have bookmarked somewhere but am overlooking now.

  1. Desesperanza – Cagón Como Tus Viejos
  2. Guadalupe Plata – Cementerio
  3. Mexico Institute Of Sound – El Microfono
  4. Diego Carrasco – Asereje
  5. Montañas – Transcantábrico
  6. Ekkaia – El Ultimo Aliento
  7. Heads And Heads – 5 Dedos 1 Puño
  8. XYX – Neptunia
  9. El Guincho – Muerte Midi
  10. Manu Chao – Tristeza Maleza
  11. Gotan Project – La Vigüela
  12. Devendra Banhart – Cada Casa Que Crece
  13. Los Dug Dug’s – Voy Hacia El Cielo (Voy Hacia El Sol)
  14. Ovni 87 – Sueño Un Camino
  15. Union 13 – Los Tiempos Atrás
  16. Davila 666 – Mala
  17. Deskonocidos – En La Obscuridad
  18. Maladie – Manos Estrechas
  19. Hablan Por La Espalda – El Gran Traidor
  20. Arde Hollywood – Ningun Desierto
  21. Botafogo – Slide Blues
  22. Ararat – Ganar-Perder
  23. Helado Negro – Cabeza Bella
  24. Ostende – Siempre Cavando Mi Tumba
  25. Sin Orden – Protegete

Download LAB052 – En Español.

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