Criaturas – Arañas en el Corazon


Spoiler alert: I’ve been collecting for both a female vocalists mix and an en Español mix. You can imagine the amount of shit I lost when this was found. From somewhere else:

Criaturas are a mexican hardcore punk band from austin texas w/ members of Deskonocidos and they kicked Black Mike out of the band because of burrito throwing.

Criaturas are awesome. They’re in the darker hardcore punk realm, crusty late-80s-sounding but the tracks are total bursts with quick solos. And of course, a Spanish-speaking frontwoman that is completely necessary to mention not because it really matters what she is but rather because she just rages. 4 songs in like 5 or 6 minutes. The Deskonocidos album has also been one of few I can’t help but loop entirely and repetitively since I finally jumped on it late, last month, even to the point where my girlfriend can sing along and translate for me with all her college Spanish, which is notable because I usually don’t get much more out of her relative to my music-listening than the stink eye. Deskonocidos are more mid-tempo than Criaturas, but the sound is spot on for what they’re both doing.

Criaturas – Arañas en el Corazon

(not my link to) Deskonocidos – En La Obscuridad

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