March Submissions

  • February Fourteenth – 2 Songs Two short bursts from a two-piece doing some awesome noise rock/post-hardcore/emo genre-bending that stayed on repeat for a good long while until I was thoroughly rocked out. I need more than four minutes of this. Download.
  • The Internet – S/T EP Post-punk/shoegaze outfit with an ironically hard to search name. Really great debut, big bass like the 80s knew how to do hair. Groovy, fun. Stuff like this popping up in the inbox makes me stoked on music. Purchase/Download.
  • IAMTHEAGENT – Volume Two Aussie post-hardcore, maybe post-post-hardcore, maybe. Volume One is also available, as well as two singles, Blood Brothers and Trees. All are excellent listens. Purchase/Download.
  • Sun Hotel – Tapes Totally limited tape/download of the ‘crackly alternate-universe version’ of Coast. Another great addition to my quickly-growing Sun Hotel collection––search the blog for others. Download
  • SeditiusCarne Da Macello I’ll stick with the genre labeling since I’m on a roll; this one is a stoner/hardcore band from Italy. I think it’s more swagger-punk though, somewhere between T(I)NC and that newer ETID video where it was all 80s-like, and anyway seriously another awesome release, what a month for submissions! Download.
  • Holy Page Christian of Vladee Divacc (posted elsewhere––basketball-inspired drone) has launched a record label of sorts that ‘exists entirely on the internet and provides free media, music, video, and writing’, and with some way intense artwork by Christian himself to boot. Beautiful, big layout and easy-click links unlike mine > Check it out for sure.
  • From The Depths Entertainment Mike has three more for us: Saving OctoberHail The Captain (‘Technical Metalcore akin to August Burns Red’); August RuinsThe Ghost and the Gasoline (‘Punk/Metal akin to early Boysetsfire’); and Epitome Of The WeakShallow Tides (‘Melodic Metal akin to All That Remains’). Click the albums to download. 
  • Coliseum News and notes include a Misfits covers split with Superchunk for RSD coming up, as well as a live split with Burning Love to patiently await. Ryan Patterson also (re-?)launched his site now called RYAN PATTERSON | AUXILIARY DESIGN and it’s worth a gawk over. 

Super job everyone.

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