LAB049 – The Butcher Shop, vol. VI / Bob Dylan Tribute / Found LAB048!

The sixth all-covers mix is up, and with it I’m posting a Bob Dylan tribute mix. I also found a playlist I meant to post a couple months ago but it had somehow gotten buried. It’s mostly older songs anyway, so not like we were missing any relevancy to the times there. Here you go!

This one starts out charging, four crusty punk cumrags in a row. The Coliseum track is going to be on a Record Store Day split 7″ with Superchunk, watch out for that. Two other new cover tracks on here to get excited about are the Big Boys cover on the new Gods And Queens EP, and the totally butchered version of ‘Heartbreak Hotel’ by Dax Riggs. David Dondero released a new album of mostly covers, the track here is from that. Kind of a random mix beyond.

Some other cover song news: The Nerves tribute cassette is finally out on Volar Records, so good!

  1. Turbonegro – Gimme Shelter [The Rolling Stones]
  2. Cursed – Hawaii [Kittens]
  3. Coliseum – Bullet [Misfits]
  4. Baroness – Bikeage [Descendents]
  5. The Distance – Anything, Anything [Dramarama]
  6. Ted Leo & the Pharmacists – Brass In Pocket [The Pretenders]
  7. The Kills – Sugar Baby [Dock Boggs]
  8. Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds – King Kong Kitchie Kitchie Ki-Me-O [Chubby Parker]
  9. Yourcodenameis:milo – Death Of A Disco Dancer [The Smiths]
  10. Streetlight Manifesto – Me & Julio Down By The School Yard [Paul Simon]
  11. ON – Through These Eyes [Chain Of Strength]
  12. The Urchin – Colorado Joe/Leningrad Vlad [Leatherface]
  13. Pleasure Forever – Black Juju [Alice Cooper]
  14. Bunnies – Alec Eiffel [Pixies]
  15. Dax Riggs – Heartbreak Hotel [Elvis Presley]
  16. Crackerbash – I Don’t Know What I Am/Mystery [Wipers]
  17. Gods And Queens – Which Way To Go [The Big Boys]
  18. onelinedrawing – Be Quiet And Drive (Far Away) [Deftones] (Live)
  19. David Dondero – Boxcar [Jawbreaker]
  20. Social Distortion – Ring Of Fire [Johnny Cash] (Daytrotter Session)
  21. Vivian Girls – John I’m Only Dancing [David Bowie]
  22. Yves Klein Blue – Walk On The Wild Side [Lou Reed]

Download LAB049.

Bob Dylan tribute! I can hardly say I’m a fan, but it’s unarguable that his songs have had lasting impressions and most everyone playing today. Just take a look below. The tracks were pulled from everywhere; there’s that double disc I’m Not There soundtrack out there, but only four I think came from that. Notable tracks are the new Wanda Jackson w/Jack White ripper––Jack who also appears on here two other times––and the Karate and Walkmen ones, old standards. And again with Dondero.

  1. Cobra Skulls – Subterranean Homesick Blues [Bob Dylan]
  2. Stephen Malkmus & the Million Dollar Bashers – Maggie’s Farm [Bob Dylan]
  3. Karate – Tears Of Rage [Bob Dylan]
  4. Susanna and the Magical Orchestra – Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right [Bob Dylan]
  5. Wanda Jackson – Thunder On The Mountain [Bob Dylan]
  6. The White Stripes – Love Sick [Bob Dylan] (Live at the Forum)
  7. The Black Keys – The Wicked Messenger [Bob Dylan]
  8. Against Me! – Wagon Wheel [Bob Dylan]
  9. David Dondero – Let Me Die In My Footsteps [Bob Dylan]
  10. Straylight Run – With God On Our Side [Bob Dylan]
  11. Sonic Youth – I’m Not There [Bob Dylan]
  12. The Dead Weather – New Pony [Bob Dylan]
  13. Antony with Bryce Dessner – I Was Young When I Left Home [Bob Dylan]
  14. DeYarmond Edison – Step It Up And Go [Bob Dylan] (Live)
  15. Jim James & Calexico – Goin’ To Acapulco [Bob Dylan]
  16. The Walkmen – Subterranean Homesick Blues [Bob Dylan via Harry Nilsson]

Download the LAB Bob Dylan Tribute.



Part III to the In The Scratch On Your Cheek, In My Bed You Cannot Sleep ‘return of the mix’ series. Just a mix. Lost and found!

  1. Morrow – Weather Prophets And The Prospect Of Heading West
  2. Roy – Reno, I’m Coming Home
  3. Jeffrey & Jack Lewis – Time Maching
  4. Avi Buffalo – Remember Last Time
  5. Pile – White Knuckles
  6. Sore Eyelids – Can’t Breath
  7. The Wedding Present – Dare
  8. Keith Canisius – The Sea Me, Feel Me
  9. House Of Low Culture – Submarine Immersion Technique Transmission II
  10. Karp – Bacon Industry
  11. Nine – Anaemic
  12. Frodus – There Will Be No More Scum
  13. The Love Of Everything – Nothing Left To Use
  14. The New Pornographers – The Bleeding Heart Show
  15. 八厘米天空 – We Do Not Even Shake Hands
  16. Mark Sandman – Snow
  17. The State Lottery – Spring, 2008, Detroit.
  18. Moving Targets – Shape Of Somethings

Download LAB048.

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