February Submissions

Three submissions, all thoroughly recommended. 

  • UZBEKS! Uzbeks with a full length! It’s called Googles & Flipflops and snots punk rock from its digital pores. You can also get it on vinyl, where possibly clothespin piercings sass their way from the grooves or something. Check out the Uzbeks SoundCloud for the full listen and purchasing information. A lot smoother and different from the demo, and all the rerecorded tracks are done anew. Definitely worth your half hour. 
  • Newer act called FIRESUITE getting ready to release their first effort next month. Making waves UK-style. I guess what you’d call a ‘rock’ band, but when I think of rock I think of the Cult and that’s not really what I mean. Good, listenable music sans the cliques and cheese. Free listening and single downloading to be had between their SoundCloud and BandCamp sites. Maybe Dredg mixed with Sunny Day. Nice tunes. 
  • Land of Decay strikes again with a cassette from VELNIAS. I waited on posting this and it’s sold out now, but here’s the label site anyway and maybe you can make do with the Myspace excerpts. Guy from Locrian did the art, and the music is on the same path that Locrian and Land of Decay generally forge. D00M metal with melody, 22-minute track limited to 100 copies. I guess we’ll have to wait until Southern Lord sniffs it out and releases 25,000 copies of a second press on 180 gram vinyl or whatever happens to good bands like this these days. 


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