January Submissions

January Submissions download. Get this right now before you even read anything, because you’ll hate to read everything and want it, and have to scroll back up here.



  • Sun Hotel – they hit 1,000 fans on Facebook, and uploaded a new demo for us. ‘Like’. Or download from their site.


1. Alchemy (Demo)


  • George Glass – not a pseudonym, not related to Philip, not even the name of any of the band members; George Glass is a Silverlake group that still presses CD-Rs and is out to destroy what we know about pop EPs. They go from mid-paced rockers that you can cruise PCH to with your lips pursed and left elbow wind-chapped, to kind of off-kilter indie pop songs with all the production value and none of the sass, to slow summer lovin’ singles like only Southern California knows how. It’s clean, it’s strong, it’s fun, it’s music, it’s fucking great. Go to their Bandcamp to purchase in all kinds of useful formats.


2. Cargo Cult

3. Brute Us


  • Major Dolby – French! I don’t even know what else to say, but it’s pretty great. 60s surf-themed instrumental rock soundtrack to Ocean’s 14, why not. Myspace.


4. Le Fanfaron

5. Marcello, Come Here!


  • deafheaven – I got this a while ago, and now these guys have gone done signed with Deathwish and are taking over the www. Black metal meets screamo, really epic. The go-to RIYL is Wolves in the Throne Room. Can’t wait for more. Bandcamp.


6. Bedrooms

7. Daedalus


  • The Naked Uh – needs help booking a spring tour! March 15th in Eugene, 16th in Sacramento, 17th in San Francisco, 18th in Riverside, 19th in L.A, 20th in Phoenix. Contact and download through their Bandcamp.


8. Banana Cream Picture Frame (Ver. 2) (1.11)

9. No Matter What I Say (12.10)


Oop, it’s down here as well anyway.


Super awesome everybody, play hard. 


And Speaking of the French, We Only Said just put out a new video, and will be touring the Franceland starting next week. Facebook has the information. 


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