The Epic Layered Songs Post

I posted, way back when, Boris’ Dronevil -Final- in full; that is, all three tracks on each disc stitched into one and then the discs layered over each other as they were meant to be heard. There’s a few more of these types of layered releases that I have, and I wanted to post them here. 


Neurosis Times of Grace + Tribes of Neurot Grace. Albums were released separately, but meant to be played out of two stereos simultaneously. Each pair of tracks was layered in Garageband. 11 tracks.


Rosetta The Galilean Satellites limited double-disc release. Same as above, the second disc was meant to be played over the first, and I mixed them in Garageband. 5 tracks.


Sigur Rós Ba Ba Ti Ki Di Do EP. Original EP has three tracks, but said to be played together. Since it’s only one CD the only way to do this is layer them on a computer. 1 track. I think I’ve posted this before.


Tool ‘10,000 Days & Viginti Tres + Wings For Marie’ layered track. Got this idea from 1 song.


and again, here is the Boris Dronevil -Final- layered mix. 

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