December Submissions

  • New Locrian video for their recent album The Crystal World. Land of Decay. Label is also releasing a limited cassette from Sun Splitter, which can be found at their site. D00M.
  • Buy the new Barbagallo album here, or get a 5-track sampler of it here. Italian neo-classical riding the post-rock lines. Very nice and interesting. Whole discography available at his Bandcamp
  • Self-proclaimed ‘pussy-quakin’, boot-shakin’, beef-steakin’ brand of cosmic juke rock’ band in all caps, NEW GENERATION DUDES. Check their SoundCloud or Myspace for a . . . taste. 
  • Another sweet Home Video video:
     and three remixes, found here, here and here.
  • London-via-South Africa indie-pop artist Chris Cape video. No Die Antwoord jokes, he’s better than that.
  • And a great new dream pop act Orange Blossom Flyover has 4 good songs available for free at their Bandcamp

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