LAB046 – Think Globally, Act Locally, Vol. 4: New Zealand (by Richard Robertson)

CD wall feature by Rich

A Kiwi couple came tumbling into our lives here in Taiwan, and now are leaving the island for the bigger island they call home. Luckily we’ll have something to remember them by.

Teresa and Rich are good people. They are also fans of music, and crafty artists as well. Some fun things can be had on the RobotSoon @ Etsy page, and they can otherwise be kept up with here, respectively:

Adventures of a girl from the Naki.
Rich made this.

Rich also made us a New Zealand mix, quite unprompted but very much appreciated, and it just so happened to both come in at under 80 minutes and rule pretty hard. He flew out today and as a thank you, safe travels, here it is:

1. The Stereo Bus – Hey Thank You
2. Salmonella Dub – For The Love Of It
3. The Brunettes – Loopy Loopy Love
4. Goodshirt – Green
5. Motocade – My Friends
6. Voom – Relax
7. Fur Patrol – Lydia
8. Pluto – Dance Stamina
9. Lucid 3 – AM Radio
10. Thought Creature – One Day I Turned Into A Spider
11. The Mutton Birds – Anchor Me
12. The Chills – I Love My Leather Jacket
13. The Phoenix Foundation – Hitchcock
14. Fly My Pretties – King Of You All
15. Bic Runga – Listening For The Weather
16. The Mint Chicks – Crazy? Yes! Dumb? No!
17. Edward Gains – The Camera Song
18. Straitjacket Fits – She Speeds

For reals!


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