7″s: Two Awesome 7″ Series

Two recent 7″ series with eight songs each and cool artwork that I compiled the cool artwork and songs of. First is the Young Widows split series they did with various other good, random artists. The second is the newer 12XU series of four 7″s that rock a whole ton of goodness. Totally purchase them if you can, because 7″s with cool artwork are so much cooler in real life. But otherwise here are the MP3’s already!


1. Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy – Poor Shelter
2. Young Widows – King Of The Back-Burner
3. Melt-Banana – Pain In Ash
4. Young Widows – Long Live The New Weight
5. Pelican – Inch Above Sand
6. Young Widows – Mid Western
7. My Disco – Antler
8. Young Widows – Easy Acting


1. 12XU – Salut Les Jeunes
2. 12XU – Si Bon Marche
3. 12XU – Comme On Perce Des Boulevards
4. 12XU – Se Faciliter La Tache
5. 12XU – Des Voix Qui Resonnent
6. 12XU – Oregon, Place Du Pont
7. 12XU – Demi Talents
8. 12XU – La Rouille


Download / Buy / 12XU


Also, one last quick push on my friends motorcycle and Halo crap. Get his ass to Taiwan.

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