The LAB Guide to Black Friday

Such wonderful news! Fingerprints, one of a half dozen decent independent record stores left in the OC/LA basin, are not only surviving, but thriving! In January they’re moving into a space twice the size as their little 2nd. St. shop, which, as they put it, “means more vinyl, more books, more CDs, and more in-stores – in other words, more Fingerprints.” This is so awesome, I don’t even know.

Related––today being Black Friday and all––is some also awesome sales going on around the e-punx community. Here we go!

No Idea has had a sale going for a bit, but they keep adding to it!

RevHQ doing the $5 thang again y’all!

Suburban Home has sale lots!

Topshelf Records is running a 25% off sale! Code: TSR25

And Sun Hotel too! but I already posted that

Also, the musical powers-at-be have deemed today a mini-Record Store Day, with more exclusive releases from everybody. Here’s a list. So go visit Amoeba or Fingerprints or somewhere else cool if you don’t live in the C of A.

ALSO also, tomorrow, the 26th, to further fuel the consumerist machine, but in a pretty good way, has been knighted Small Business Saturday, so that after you’ve been trampled at Best Buy you may go purchase more useful and unique things from real people. Link!

Go music.

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