B-Sides: Spoon // November Submissions

I went about a Spoon kick recently, and then decided to compile some of their non-standard material. Here it is:

1. Spoon – Well-Alright
2. Spoon – Peace Like A River [Paul Simon] (Daytrotter Session)
3. Spoon – The Ghost Of You Lingers (Daytrotter Session)
4. Spoon – I Can See The Dude (Daytrotter Session)
5. Spoon – Back To The Life (Daytrotter Session)
6. Spoon- All I Got Is Me
7. Spoon – Don’t You Ever (The Natural History Original Version)
8. Spoon – Lines In The Suit (30 Minutes Old)
9. Spoon – Everything Hits At Once (For Discos)
10. Spoon – Stroke Their Brains
11. Bright Eyes & Britt Daniel – Spent On Rainy Days
12. Bright Eyes & Britt Daniel – You Get Yours
13. Bright Eyes & Britt Daniel – Southern State
14. Bright Eyes & Britt Daniel – Let The Distance Keep Us Together
15. Spoon – Laffitte Don’t Fail Me Now
16. Spoon – The Agony Of Laffitte
17. Spoon – Sunday Morning Wednesday Night
18. Britt Daniel/Brian Reitzell – Flours
19. Britt Daniel/Brian Reitzell – Writer’s Block
20. Britt Daniel/Brian Reitzell – Auditor
21. Spoon – The Book I Write
22. Spoon – Revenge!
23. Spoon – I Could Be Underground

1. Spoon – I Turn My Camera On (John McEntire Remix)
2. Spoon – Don’t You Evah (Ted Leo I Want It Hotter Mix)
3. Spoon – Don’t You Evah (Diplo Mix)

4. Spoon – Don’t You Evah (Matthew Dear Mix)
5. Spoon – Don’t You Evah (DJ Amaze And Alan Astor Mix)
6. Spoon – Don’t You Evah (Doc Delay Fixerupper Mix)
7. Spoon – Tweakers (Remix)



And here’s this month’s submissions:

  • BARBAGALLO. Go to his Bandcamp for everything. Italian composer doing . . . I don’t know, just good music? Listenable music? Really short classical pieces through the post-rock filter? Maybe some folky instruments thrown in? I still don’t know, but I’ve had it on all day. Check out this epic video for more:

  • Heinali and Matt Finney have released both their new EP, dubbed Conjoined, and a Joy Division cover! They also won the we7 promotion, which is pretty cool.
  • New British band April In The Shade are still running free copies of their new single from their Bandcamp, worth picking up on your way out.
  •  Young Adults finally released their album, go buy that bad boy! And on vinyl!
  •  And Sun Hotel got their album Coast released on vinyl as well, which is still great and a top 10 of 2010 contender. Their online store is running 20% off with the code: vienteloko

December is nigh!

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