LAB045 – In My Bed You Cannot Sleep

I kind of had a ‘return of the mix’ moment back with In The Scratch On Your Cheek. Mix, as in the juxtapositional sort that has less to do with themes and categories like many of the more recent ones have. Well In My Bed You Cannot Sleep is the next of that, the return of the return of the mix. Basically 80 minutes of what I’ve been eating up lately. And may I say, seriously, possibly the greatest mix of ever. 

7″ tracks from Young Governor (Ben of Fucked Up) and Mass of the Fermenting Dregs (awesome of awesome awesome). Rare Frodus comp track that kicks arse. China comes in with two, the Subs and P.K.14; Japan with one, the aforementioned awesomeness; and Taiwan with one, that there track seventeen. Asia punx unite! Also one of my favorite Bigott tracks, a new find from Spain, and not too far away geographically a serious should-be classic from the should-be classic band, Lisabö. If it’s not too terribly hoity-toity to have a mixtape centerpiece, than that comes in with the Heads twenty minute jaaaaaaam. Ends with the kicker. Antlers are not The Antlers. 

1. Young Governor – In The Heart Of A Harem
2. P.K.14 – 
3. Jeffrey & Jack Lewis – Something Good
4. The Reptilian – 200% Sweater
5. Frodus – Suspicion Breeds Confidence
6. Fireside – All Criminals Are Us
7. Eels – Prizefighter
8. Antlers – Catalpa
9. Lisabö – Ahora Canción Rota
10. Tubers – These Quantum Leaps Are Killin
11. The Heads – Stodgy
12. Mass Of The Fermenting Dregs – ひきずるビート
13. Bigott – The Jingle
14. Archives – Including The Mezzanine
15. Su
– Chong
16. Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy – Then The Letting Go
17. 生氣的年輕人 – 22歲的男孩
18. Social Distortion – Reach For The Sky

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