XQSS, Vol. 7: 11/4/2010 @ 07:34-08:54 CST (100th Post!!)

XQSS is a new, weekly LAB series inspired by the simultaneous predictability and complete randomness associated with Asian mega-city life. XQSS can be pronounced ‘excuses’, as it is more or less just a way to post more jamz. The actual, however, is a colloquial acronym for XingQiSi Shuffle, or Thursday Shuffle. The idea is every Thursday I post the last 80 minutes of music that has come up on shuffle; no skipping, no edits, all embarrassment. Mixed by providence, posted by a clocks pip. Get down, karman. 
This is my 100th post! Average that out over three years and the number is slightly negligible, but regardless I’m still pleased. How to celebrate? Seventh week of XQSS, of course. 

It started off okay, This Heat and EP-era Baroness, but then it decided to turn to just-gotta-fill-out-this-contract-era Thursday, and then some deathcore/metalcore demo from back when that’s what all these retro-pop and chillwave kids now used to listen to (read: me), and then a WTF Zeppelin moment before Scratch Acid turned things around BEFORE IT ALL WENT BACK TO HELL AGAIN BWHAAAA!!! This is my own music folder, afterall. Land Animal: The only place to find Tibetan meditation music and cartoon death metal in the same sentence. 

Ended strong, ended strong. 

1. This Heat – Sleep
2. Baroness – Vison
3. Ben Lee – White People For Peace [Against Me!]
4. Sinking Ships – Wallington Is Still Doomed
5. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Nature Boy
6. Thursday – Counting 5-4-3-2-1
7. Plague Of Sheol – The Legions General
8. Bloc Party – Mercury (CSS Remix)
9. Led Zeppelin – Tangerine
10. Scratch Acid – For Crying Out Loud
11. The Kills – Bernard Lenoir Intro
12. Dethklok – Briefcase Full Of Guts
13. Yeasayer – Rome
14. Iron & Wine – No Moon
15. Nawang Khechog – The Perfection Of Wisdom
16. The Geeks – See It Through
17. Swans – Saved
18. Unwound – Summer Freeze
19. Brian Bromberg – Portrait Of Tracy [Jaco Pastorius] 
20. Bluebird – Bird On A Wire
21. United Skates – Fuck The Apple, I Love Donuts

Note: This one runs slightly over 80 minutes. Just because.

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