October Submissions

Vladee DivaccHoop Dreamz

I asked Christian, kindly, what the heck he was thinking, and he said, “I wanted to start a genre based around something almost everyone has some sort of weird pop culture connection to, i also wanted it to be positive, and then I thought BASKETBALL! So Dunkwave was born. . . .”

Well that just makes me happy. Head over to his Bandcamp to download this action. Self-professed basketball-inspired drone music.

Get on the court

Rogue SoundsTransmission

Dillon and company are from Costa Mesa, California, which is nice because I’m from the same area, but we didn’t really know that at first. They put out some pretty good and interesting modern instrumental prog rock under the Rogue Sounds moniker, and are currently hyping their first official release Transmission. Here be the links:
Mediafire: http://www.mediafire.com/?nmhrona32qt

Official Website:

I posted Soft Crest’s album not too long ago, and here is a new single they’ve put out. New Album Soon!

Baltic Girls is the new single from Northern California quartet, Soft Crest. Fresh from a tour along the west coast, SC has put the final touches on their new record Pacific Electric and in the meantime, they have assembled this free single as a taste of what’s to come. Featuring a live performance of the song Beach Town from their debut EP Neon Chrome and a live video, Baltic Girls ebbs and flows like the surf on the sand. This one is not to be missed!

More chillwave, less basketball-inspired. Here’s what Ben says about his music as Craig Cruiser:

“Lifestyles” was recorded in my bedroom over the past 2 months. It is essentially a “toast” to the chillwave & dream pop genres.

To many chillwave is about summer time spent at the beach, but to me it is about winter time trapped in my bedroom.

I tried to really capture that idea…being stuck inside because it’s 12 degrees out and there’s a snow storm on it’s way, but you’re not bummed out because you got those summer vibes chillin’ in your front pocket.

Ten – Lowlands

And finally, a sweet new EP from a band called Ten. I’ll let the press pack do the work:

Thanks for the music.

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