LAB044 – Think Globally, Act Locally, Vol. 3: Taipei, Taiwan (by Jon Du of BOYZ&GIRL!)

Another ‘scenes’ mix comes through! And this, for the city that I now suffocate on.

I can’t say how long I’ve been waiting to post a proper Taiwan mix. Years. Crazy. And here it is. Put together by my friend and strummer and crooner and banger of unassuming keyboards Jon Du. If you like averaging numbers into neat little evens, he graciously devoted over a week to each song chosen, and then––get this––burned me a CD! For a project about burning mix CDs! If that doesn’t influence you to download this then I can’t imagine what will. And I believe that’s the first proper heed of the LAB mantra in, whoa, three years. Granted, the CD didn’t play and I had to follow that up with a digital request, but maybe hopefully PRAY someone out there on the other end is actually sharing these super Land-chanties in a physical medium, jamming them during their shitty drive to work, skipping home to them with downmarket studio headphones and a discontinued Walkman, putting them on at 90s throwback parties where sheet togas still pass as cheeky dress.

So this is Taiwan in eleven songs. If it matters, a lot of these are tough to come by, even here. Unreleased or even unrecorded. Otherwise, Jon said he didn’t wish to say anything about them. I think that’s about right. Listen, it’s music.

For Jon’s projects, see:



and all the links in between.

For more on the fantastic music scene in Taiwan, check out:

White Wabbit Records

GigGuide Taiwan

The WALL (via Indievox)

a forum full of downloads from the modern Taiwanese and mainland Chinese scenes

Other Taiwanese bands I enjoy:


Go Chic

the White Eyes

freaking Nipples, although linked is their new incarnation Aphasia’s site

1. Sunset Rollercoaster – Dream Set

2. Pleasure Science – Zombie Ride

3. Sen – City Wolf

4. BOYZ&GIRL – Elefantos

5. 來吧!焙焙!無所畏懼與寬容

6. Emily – Lancer

7. Minami! – 3/26

8. The Shine & Shine & Shine & Shine – Song 1

9. Sloth Scamper – Goblin

10. Slow Burning Machine – Retard W

11. 小紅 (Aerobiscuit) – 機械士GS

wan 音樂 4 U

Taiwan, man.

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