XQSS, Vol. 5: 10/21/2010 @ 09:06-10:26 CST

XQSS is a new, weekly LAB series inspired by the simultaneous predictability and complete randomness associated with Asian mega-city life. XQSS can be pronounced ‘excuses’, as it is more or less just a way to post more jamz. The actual, however, is a colloquial acronym for XingQiSi Shuffle, or Thursday Shuffle. The idea is every Thursday I post the last 80 minutes of music that has come up on shuffle; no skipping, no edits, all embarrassment. Mixed by providence, posted by a clocks pip. Get down, karman.

Thursday, October 21st, 2010. Super-typhoon Megi is rockin’ the Philippines right now, and were getting its peripheral wetness all the way up here in Taipei. Think good thoughts for this year’s Filipino rice harvest. Here’s some music:

1. Masshysteri – Välkommen Till Verkligheten
2. Barbaro – Feeding
3. DeYarmond Edison – Song For A Lover Of Long Ago
4. Audioslave – Light My Way
5. Gipsy.cz – Jednou
6. ANODE – 雨のち砂漠
7. Unwound – Pure Pain Sugar
8. The Hope Conspiracy – Defiant Hearts
9. The Subs – Down
10. Comadre – Intro
11. The Black Keys – All Hands Against His Own
12. Tiger Army – The Long Road
13. The Avett Brothers – Nothing Short Of Thankful
14. Geoff Farina – Ouliponic
15. The Decemberists – Won’t Want For Love (Margaret In The Taiga)
16. Andrew Bird – A Nervous Tic Motion Of The Head To The Left
17. Thursday – You Were The Cancer
18. Jimmy Eat World – Your House
19. envy – Trembled (Compilation Version)
20. Kataklysm – Let Them Burn
21. Jemima Jemima – Cabbage Tree Hat
22. Foo Fighters – Wind Up

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