LAB043 – Blog Action Day: Water

One day, eighteen hours, fourteen minutes. If I search ‘water’ in my music folder, that’s how much comes up. Today is the annual Blog Action Day, and this years topic is water. So that’s what I did.

Now, I know that’s pretty weak. For one, the topic is more specifically drinking water, or lack thereof. Also, searching song and album titles for a keyword brings up results just as often not having anything to do with said word as they do. Bands like Shearwater, Bongwater. Albums like Razor Crusades’ Infinite Water, which I couldn’t find the connection to, and anyways that was dealing with the other, more preferable but not as actual extreme. Also songs with words like Drinkwater, underwater, watered down, or CCR covers. So I realize that searching ‘water’ and calling it a day is not exactly what the Blog Action Day committee had in mind, but with that said it’s the thought that counts. It’s the mention, the intention, the sharing that cares.

But what I did do was cut down those forty-two hours into a three-disc mix. And I kind of sorted the mixes, so that they make sense and have meaning and, what else, flow. To that end, the first disc is the more official ‘water’ mix, as in drinking water. Songs and titles here less have anything to do with nothing but can be argued that they embody the spirit of a world with a better water distributing system in place. I cite Johnny Cash and Dengue Fever and argue on behalf of Below The Sea. For other tracks it may not be immediately obvious, but significance is versatile in the ear of the listener. Find your Bible verse:

Disc 1:

1. Johnny Cash – Cool Water
2. Dengue Fever – Tap Water
3. Greg Macpherson Band – The Day The Water Dried Up From The Tap
4. 65daysofstatic – Mean Low Water
5. Karate – Water
6. Hollow Jan – Water From The Same Source
7. The Catalyst – Thirsty Like Water Thirsty
8. Coldplay – Glass Of Water
9. The Evens – If It’s Water
10. Miao Folk Music – Where Does Water Flow (Love Song)
11. Below The Sea – Well Water
12. Tom Waits – Cold Water
13. John Lennon – We’re All Water
14. Miaou – Water And Me
15. Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks – Water And A Seat
16. Why? – Waterfalls
17. Latterman – Water Manes At The Block’s End
18. Voetsek – I Love Water

This second disc is more about the power of water in volume. Moving water, river and sea water, not drinking water directly. This has less to do with the Blog Action Day prompt, but of course it is inarguably related and I think that including a ‘Hey you guuuyyyysssss!!” to the victims of natural disasters at the hand of the dark, cold, black waters is worthwhile. The safest track on here to argue that is Jazz trumpeter Terence Blanchard’s track from his album entirely composed and dedicated to everyone touched by the Katrina disaster. But others––Floodwaters, Wade In The Water, Waterline, metaphor or not––see to that power as well. Living now in Taiwan and ever closer to the annual evacuations and disasters that ravage the SE Asian, southern China and Taiwan coasts, especially since my time in China was haunted by the thought that just over the hill thousands, millions were engaged in a war with the rains, this is of more immediate concern.

Disc 2:

1. Adelaide – Water Ways
2. Hostage Calm – Where The Waters Call Home
3. Across Tundras – Dark Water
4. The Jesus Lizard – Cold Water
5. Terence Blanchard – The Water
6. Charlie Musselwhite – Black Water
7. Defiance, Ohio – Floodwaters
8. Antlers – Water Tupelo
9. 27 – No Water
10. Dead Man’s Bones – Buried In Water
11. The Golden Gate Quartet – Wade In The Water
12. Feist – The Water
13. Cave In – Breath Of Water
14. On The Might Of Princes – Hell Of High Water
15. Small Bones – Deep Water Event Horizon
16. The American Dollar – Oil And Water
17. Magnolia Electric Co. – And The Moon Hits The Water
18. The Jesus And Mary Chain – Dirty Water
19. Hop Along, Queen Ansleis – Green Water
20. Sage Francis – Waterline

And lastly, a third disc, of mostly things I couldn’t squeeze into 1 or 2, by either length or content. This is closer to a regular LAB mix, but I’ve honestly enjoyed all three of these that stemmed from a quick keyword search over the past few days.

Disc 3:

1. Melvins – The Water Glass
2. Part Chimp – Black Water
3. The Dead Weather – Will There Be Enough Water
4. The Pax Cecilia – The Water Song
5. Neurosis – Water Is Not Enough
6. Natural Snow Buildings – All Animals In The Form Of Water
7. The Sky Corvair – Swallow Water
8. Takaru – Don’t Drink The Water
9. The Fresh & Onlys – Waterfall
10. Boris with Merzbow – Water Fuzz
11. Nick Cave & Warren Ellis – Water And Ash
12. This Heat – A New Kind Of Water
13. Indian Jewelry – Walking On The Water

Two entire albums I stumbled over were Thrice’s EP from the Alchemy Index, Water, and the recent Tinariwen album Aman Iman: Water Is Life. For Thrice, nothing personal, but I felt a mention here was better than taking a piece out. For Tinariwen, well, let’s just say my Berber was failing me and I couldn’t translate which song would fit best. However, everyone should and needs to go buy that album, because I’m strapped into that bandwagon tight and in for the ride wherever it goes.

Stop buying bottled water.

For mine and other BAD2010 posts, see:

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