XQSS, Vol. 4: 10/14/2010 @ 08:27-09:47 CST

XQSS is a new, weekly LAB series inspired by the simultaneous predictability and complete randomness associated with Asian mega-city life. XQSS can be pronounced ‘excuses’, as it is more or less just a way to post more jamz. The actual, however, is a colloquial acronym for XingQiSi Shuffle, or Thursday Shuffle. The idea is every Thursday I post the last 80 minutes of music that has come up on shuffle; no skipping, no edits, all embarrassment. Mixed by providence, posted by a clocks pip. Get down, karman.

4th Thursday of XQSS. Here’s my extended, haphazard soundtrack to making oatmeal and watching traffic:

1. Coloração Desbotada – Conclusão-Ruido-Medicinal

2. Ted Leo And The Pharmacists – (Hidden Track)
3. Candy Hearts – Without Caffeine
4. Agnes High Quality – Final Answer?
5. After School Knife Fight – My Shattered Glass Heart
6. Celeste – D’abysse En Abysse
7. Off Minor – Problematic Courtship (Live)
8. The Little Rock – Story
9. Jenny Hoyston – Kill Those Thoughts About
10. Red Hot Chili Peppers – Don’t Forget Me
11. Hopesfall – Champion Beyond Blessing
12. Idea Of Beauty – Best Form
13. Clouds – Horrorification
14. White Rabbits – The Plot
15. Archers Of Loaf – Bumpo
16. Saviours – Heathen Eye
17. Bomb The Music Industry! – Fuck The Fans
18. Lovedrug – Casino Clouds
19. Scissorfight – 86 Sucker
20. The Bled – She Calls Home
21. Curl Up And Die – Absolute Denial Of The Ultimate Nullifier
22. The National – Pay For Me

The Crane Wife 1 & 2 by the Decemberists was number 23, but it ran too long and didn’t make the mark.

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