XQSS, Vol. 3: 10/7/2010 @ 19:41-21:01 CST

XQSS is a new, weekly LAB series inspired by the simultaneous predictability and complete randomness associated with Asian mega-city life. XQSS can be pronounced ‘excuses’, as it is more or less just a way to post more jamz. The actual, however, is a colloquial acronym for XingQiSi Shuffle, or Thursday Shuffle. The idea is every Thursday I post the last 80 minutes of music that has come up on shuffle; no skipping, no edits, all embarrassment. Mixed by providence, posted by a clocks pip. Get down, karman.

I let volume three put itself together while we picked up some luroufan and picnicked at the 2-28 Peace Park for dinner. The weather has been quite ideal lately, which makes for sweat-less bike rides and, more so, the will to actually ride a bike at all. We happened past Taipei’s presidential palace on our way back, and listened to various levels and skills of mic-checking (“yi, er, san… yi, er, san…”) for some epic event tomorrow that looks to have something to do with a presidential address and the Democratic Republic of São Tomé and Príncipe. Anyway, these XQSS mixes keep getting stranger, too:

1. Twin Stumps – Caged Emily

2. Disappearer – Obsidian

3. Mark Sandman – Doreen

4. Jesuseater – Happier Than Dreams

5. Dr. Hourai – Inverted Gas Attack

6. As Tall As Lions – Breakers

7. The Appleseed Cast – Convict

8. Millencolin – Duckpond

9. Anti-Flag – What You Don’t Know

10. The Louvin Brothers – When I Stop Dreaming

11. The Beatles – Lady Madonna

12. Scars Of Tomorrow – Another Day, Another Mark

13. Unwound – Re-Enact The Crime

14. Manuel el Sevillano – Por Compasión Malaguenas

15. Charlie McMahon & Gondwana – Pig Wobble

16. Stupid Babies Go Mad – TV Panic

17. Yo La Tengo – The Room Got Heavy

18. The Jesus And Mary Chain – Between Planets

19. Pearl Jam – Bugs

20. deadboy & the Elephantmen – Stop, I’m Already Dead

XQSS, Vol. 3: 10/7/2010 @ 19:41-21:01 CST

The Beatles Of Tomorrowwwwwwwwwwww

2 thoughts on “XQSS, Vol. 3: 10/7/2010 @ 19:41-21:01 CST

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