Sun Hotel – Coast

John says he’s from a quote-Post-Gospel/Swamp Rock-endquote band called Sun Hotel. They have this new album called Coast. I click a few buttons to have it forever lost in the miniature black hole that is my external hard drive, and hit play.

BUT… wait for it… I think I’ll actually remember that I downloaded this tomorrow. Like, it’s still playing now. And I’m still thinking about their name, and how the email almost got deleted because at first I thought it was travel agency spam. And maybe the next time I’m squeezing into skinny jeans and recollecting about that Brand New show at the Wiltern I’ll think of Sun Hotel and put it on again.

Sass aside, I love it when I love things. Especially submissions. And I, well, I like this a lot.

Here’s their bio, since I’m not selling it:

New Orleans’ SUN HOTEL is a team. Though they began early 2009 as the crackly dorm room recordings of Tyler Scurlock and Alex Hertz, the swampy duo quickly grew into a foursome over the course of the summer, adding bassist John St.Cyr and drummer Devin Hildebrand. The newly assembled team got their first taste of the stage playing some of New Orleans’ dirtiest and dingiest, before cutting their teeth in the studio with their home-engineered effort Halloween Mean.
Rather than rest easy, the team then drafted Renaissance man Ross Farbe and set out to hone their sound, an effort that resulted in 2010’s Team Spirit. A hazy, melodious affair with the concept of love and loss, Team Spirit turned heads and made waves that took our team to some of the finest stages and dirtiest house parties the South had to offer. Never satisfied with sitting still, the five crooners then took their brand of fuzzy post-gospel all the way up the East coast and back, all after spending a week living in the studio to record a full length record.
Sun Hotel’s debut LP, Coast sees a new spirit from the team. Through the haze of drifting, ambient guitar and four-part harmonies comes thundering rhythms and biting lyrics, and explores a sonic depth only hinted at in the group’s earlier releases. The ten-song effort was recorded and engineered by and for the band on their East coast tour, and will saw release on September 24th on and iTunes.

Head on over to their Bandcamp and take it for a test spin. Then download it, along with all their other stuff adding up on the sidebar. Then maybe give them some money, because crawfish don’t come cheap these days.

Recommended: the one-two of “Oikos” and “Suburb”, and the bar-grind of “Voodoo You”

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