Young Adults / We Only Said / Casting Call !!

Just got this in the inbox, and holy love at first listen. Self-proclaimed “ambient punk rock” about says it all. I’d say garage noise pop or something. Buy this ish on the big disc.

(Link removed)
Here’s how they prefer to present it:



Young Adults is a band from Allston, Massachusetts (USA) that formed in October 2009, self-releasing a demo in January 2010 that garnered positive press with the help of writers and editors who took a chance and listened. After playing a handful of shows with bands such as Wavves, Male Bonding, Best Coast, Grooms and Iron Chic the band went back to the studio to record a proper full-length LP titled Black Hole. With the help of sound engineer Justin Pizzoferrato (Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr., Hold Steady, etc.) the band has created an ambient punk rock album that will be released to the world on Saturday, November 6th by label-upstart AMDISCS (Prague). The limited run of 500 vinyl records will also be available on Mp3 via iTunes and similar digital music services.


Quick Facts

Hometown: Allston, MA, USA
Members: Chris Villón (guitar/vocals), Demitri Miró Swan (bass/vocals), Kurt Villón (drums)

Recorded and Mixed at Esthudio in Brighton, MA, USA
Recorded by Justin Pizzoferrato (Sonic Youth, Free Kitten, Dinosaur Jr., Hold Steady, etc.)
Mixed by Justin Pizzoferrato and Dan Gonzales
Mastered by Carl Saff

“Over the Edge” is a cover by the Wipers




And LAB friendlies We Only Said also have a nice free download on their Bandcamp for the compilation album THE NOW EXPERIMENT. I can’t be certain what it collects, but I’ve listened to it entirely and it still flows like a regular album that I would actually like to listen to on a regular basis. Joy for that.

And last but not least, I hereby issue another casting call for Land Animal! I’m looking for regular contributors, submissions, guest mix-tapers and whatever else more that’s super exciting. I have the Think Globally, Act Locally series that especially is calling out for ambassadors of their locale from around the world. Mix your city down to 80 minutes. Post it here. Make friends. Make it happen.
Stay sexy.

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