XQSS, Vol. 1: 9/23/2010 @ 08:35-09:55 CST

XQSS is a new, weekly LAB series inspired by the simultaneous predictability and complete randomness associated with Asian mega-city life. XQSS can be pronounced ‘excuses’, as it is more or less just a way to post more jamz. The actual, however, is a colloquial acronym for XingQiSi Shuffle, or Thursday Shuffle. The idea is every Thursday I post the last 80 minutes of music that has come up on shuffle; no skipping, no edits, all embarrassment. Mixed by providence, posted by a clocks pip. Get down, karman.

Volume one took place on the second day of fall, but a still-bloody-hot-like-summer Thursday morning my time. I made coconut sticky rice for breakfast, and topped it with fresh papaya, honey and cinnamon. This afternoon I will get paid for 4.5 hours of work. Tonight I think we’re going to see Sunset Rollercoaster play at the Wall, and we really, really need to take out the trash. Here’s the track listing:

*Note: the World/Inferno track wouldn’t copy, so I had to delete it and it was replaced by the “bonus” track. But for the sake of accuracy I left it in the track listing.

1. Spraynard – Say What You Want About Jesse…

2. Aereogramme – Will You Still Find Me?

3. This Day Forward – Voice

4. The Good Fight – Intro

5. Melt-Banana – Pain In Ash

6. The Austerity Program – Song 10

7. Cobra Noir – Mind Destroying

8. Honeywell – In The Hands Of Amerika

9. End Of A Year – Anxiety!

10. Sufjan Stevens – Movement IV: Traffic Shock

11. The World/Inferno Friendship Society – The Devil’s Ball

12. Thao with the Get Down Stay Down – Violet

13. 65daysofstatic – Little Victories

14. Harkonen//These Arms Are Snakes – Touched For The Very First Time

15. The Rise – Time & Change

16. As We Let Go – On The Run

17. Fucked Up – Stars On 45

18. Mogwai – We’re No Here

19. Declan de Barra – Welcome

20. Joy Division – Autosuggestion (Live)

21. Arms And Sleepers – A Mission To Prague

22. Pink Razors – Spring Fevers


23. The Returnables – End Of The World (Live)

XQSS, Vol. 1: 9/23/2010 @ 08:35-09:55 CST

And as *another* bonus, here is a great album I’ve been rehashing lately. Xinlisupreme is an awesome experimental electronic-ish Japanese group from a town with a cool castle. They sound like shoegaze death. This is their album Tomorrow Never Comes:

AND it seems they’ve got some new material coming soon! Check out their website for that there. They once had another album for digital download on said website, but I don’t see it anymore.

Happy Thursday(, vol. 1)!

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