Joy Division / New Order Tribute

I’ve posted a few of these songs before, (here, here and here; that first link also contains my other tributes, to Black Sabbath and the Beatles!) so I thought I’d round up a handful more and make a proper go of things. No introduction needed, pretty influential group of people the boys of Joy Division and New Order turned out to be. This mix is sort of for a friend who’s going through a funk and likes to cover Ian Curtis himself.

The first track is off the new, epic split between Toys That Kill and Grabass Charlestons. The Susanna cover is the most heartwrenchingly beautiful rendition of any song ever. Some of these are kind of rare, such as the Ted Leo song and the José González song from an Australian tour EP. The rest are mostly a scattering snuck into proper releases, except for the live and Peel session stuff. Long live the love.

1. Toys That Kill – No Love Lost [Joy Division]
2. Pink Mountaintops – Atmosphere [Joy Division]
3. Nouvelle Vague – Confusion [New Order]
4. Susanna And The Magical Orchestra – Love Will Tear Us Apart [Joy Division]
5. Swing Kids – Warsaw [Joy Division]
6. Half Man Half Biscuit – Joy Division Oven Gloves (Peel Session)
7. The Flying Worker – Truth [New Order]
8. BOYZ & GIRL – Disorder [Joy Division] (Live)
9. Ted Leo And The Pharmacists – Love Vigilantes [New Order] (with Laura Cantrell)
10. Xiu Xiu – Ceremony [New Order]
11. Nouvelle Vague – Blue Monday [New Order]
12. Thursday – Ian Curtis
13. José González – Love Will Tear Us Apart [Joy Division]
14. Albert Kuvezin & Yat-Kha – Love Will Tear Us Apart [Joy Division]
15. Swans – Love Will Tear Us Apart [Joy Division]

Not related, but I also need to reblog the new Loma Prieta as posted on Siq Shit. Here it is. Bay Area what.

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