LAB040 – Songs for Band Names

Fortieth mix!! A special tribute to songs that influenced later band names. Here we go:

1. The Vibrators – Stiff Little Fingers (same)
2. Seaweed – Red Tape Parade (same)
3. Embrace – End Of A Year (same)
4. Minor Threat – In My Eyes (same)
5. Hoover – Breather Resist (same)
6. Sonic Youth – Eric’s Trip (same)
7. The Jesus Lizard – Boilermaker (same)
8. Big Black – My Disco (same)
9. Melvins – Boris (same)
10. The Ramones – Bad Brain (Bad Brains)
11. Buzzcocks – Boredom (The Boredoms)
12. Planes Mistaken For Stars – Funeral For A Friend (same)
13. The Velvet Underground – The Black Angel’s Death Song (The Black Angels)
14. Can – Spoon (same)
15. The Smiths – Pretty Girls Make Graves (same)
16. Rites Of Spring – End On End (same)
17. The Nation Of Ulysses – Perpetual Motion Machine (same; record label)
18. Cap’n Jazz – Scary Kids Scaring Kids! (Scary Kids Scaring Kids)
19. Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band – Death Cab For Cutie (same)
20. Buddy Holly – Rave On (Raveonettes)
21. Reversal Of Man – Enoch Ardon (same)
Now I’ll admit this isn’t really so black-and-white. A band name can stem from multiple sources, the same term or phrase in all of them. And once named, a continuous, online version of the telephone game makes it tough to track back to its source. “Boilermaker” and “Enoch Ardon” are fine examples, as I don’t actually have a clue if those bands found their names in these songs. “Enoch Arden” (mind the ‘e’) is a poem, and whether the song or the band came from that or one another or nothing related at all I can’t say for sure, but rather just made an educated guess. Jesus Lizard also put out songs called “Mouth Breather”, “Good Riddance”, and “Whirl”, among others, but I can’t confirm any linkage to those respective bands. (Whirl denied it.) Same goes for Minor Threat (“Seein Red”), Melvins (“Disengage”, “Eyehategod”, etc; although I’m pretty sure about those two) and countless other bands. On the other hand, some of the more well-known ones I omitted as well, such as anything from the Beatles, Misfits, etc. Just because. And there’s also lyrical influence to consider, but that’s a huge lawn to mow and I don’t have a big enough koozie to get through it properly hydrated. To show you how ‘in’ the ‘loop’ I am, I had “People” by Silver Jews (Suburban Kids With Biblical Names) and “Yellow Coat” by Screamin’ Jay Hawkins (which birthed the Mountain Goats moniker) in the mix before reconsidering.
Download LAB040 here!
Please ridicule me for what I missed, messed up, or how I otherwise misinformed you.

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