British Sea Power are great. This is a collection of all their B-sides I had handy, which spans their entire career. Most currently they scored the Man of Aran soundtrack, but before that was 2008’s Do You Like Rock Music? of which the following was said about on their website:

Do you like rock music? Most probably, yes. It’s the most expressive medium in human history and provides undemanding employment for many thousands. Rock music is all around us. It’s there in Iggy and it’s there in the high igneous rock formations of Helvellyn and Scafell Pike. It’s there in Black Francis, but also in the big Black Bear and in the rolling slopes of Black Sail Pass. Rock music is everywhere and nowhere. Missy Elliott, José Mourinho and Wayne Coyne are rock music. U2, Mussolini and tuberculosis are not rock music. Do You Like Rock Music? is rock music.

And on BSP themselves:

British Sea Power formed in 2000. From frozen Cumbria came brothers Yan Scott Wilkinson and Neil Hamilton Wilkinson – plus school friend Matthew Wood. Guitarist Martin Noble arrived all the way from West Yorkshire. BSP released their first record in 2001 – the Fear Of Drowning single on their own Golden Chariot label. But it was the band’s live performances that defined their first years.

There were riotous shows in remarkable surroundings. BSP world go on to play by the sea on the Scilly Isles, underground in a Cornish slate mine and at the Chelsea Flower Show. At the John Betjeman Centenary Gala, they performed alongside Ronnie Corbett, Nick Cave and The Prince Of Wales. When BSP played the 2002 Reading Festival, Rolling Stone seemed to say the rest of the weekend’s entire bill paled before them: “Fuck this puerile drivel, we’re going to see British Sea Power… British Sea Power rule!”

Yan – vocals/guitar.
Noble – guitar.
Hamilton – bass/vocals.
Wood – drums.

For more information on the band go here.

1. The Spirit Of St. Louis
2. Remember Me (Demo)
3. When I Go Out (Evangeline Session)
4. Grey Goose [Lead Belly]
5. A Lovely Day Tomorrow
6. Strange Communication
7. Crystal Horse
8. Straight Down The Line
9. No Red Indian
10. Chicken Pig (True Adventures Instrumental Demo)
11. Birdy
12. Hearing Aid
13. The Pelican
14. Childhood Memories
15. Don’t You Want To Be A Bird
16. Heavenly Waters
17. Tugboat [Galaxie 500]
18. Caribou [Pixies]


Also check out related acts Brakes and the Electric Soft Parade!

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