Android Automatic

Mike Graham uses this quote about himself:

Brief Bio/introduction: A Detroit, Michigan solo Indie-Electro artist. Android Automatic is an electronic project with influences from Radiohead to Kraftwerk with a dash of disco, synth pop, experimental, and indie mixed in. The artist can be heard on MTV and has made small contributions to other media projects as well.

I say that’s about right. Per Mike’s request, and thanks to his generosity, the four tracks from his Magic in the Pyramids release can be downloaded through Mediafire here, although I must insist you instead download them directly through his Fairtilizer site, where he’s got a fifth track available as well.

Android Automatic on Facebook.

Android Automatic on Fairtilizer.

Since creativity has obviously eluded me thus far in this post, I’ll say now that the songs on Magic make for some pretty great summer driving tunes, just in time for me to sell my car, and that they are of rather superb quality. Some might say they are rather great for some groovy clubbing as well, but the closest I’ve come to that was watching Walter ‘Monk’ McGinn hit the streets in Gangs of New York.

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