LAB036 – Think Globally, Act Locally, Vol. 1: Southeast Asia

LAB036 – Think Globally, Act Locally, Vol. 1: Southeast Asia

As kind of an elaboration on the ‘scenes’ idea I’ve had floating overhead for awhile (which started back with LAB005 and Japan), Think Globally, Act Locally is the newest series of LAB mixes, and, but of course, one that revolves around local scenes. Most are going to be geared towards specific cities or counties or smaller regions, but for the volume one I made a run at Southeast Asia. Why not? Honestly, I didn’t have that much to work with––but hey, now that it’s out there, please send some more my way! If you know of any bands or if you’re in a band from the area, let me know and hopefully I’ll be able to go for a second disc of SE Asia stuff soon. I know there’s a lot out there, but not much makes it all the way across the Pacific.

So for those curious, I’m counting SE Asia as Burma, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, the Philippines, Brunei, East Timor, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. Unfortunately, all that ended up on this mix are representatives from the last three. Well, not unfortunately, because it’s a sweet listen, but rather because I’d love to hear some from the modern music scenes of those elsewhere. Cambodia had a run with psych-pop back in the 60’s, so I know some of that spirit still survives and there’s gotta be some Skrambodian going on somewhere, c’mon!

1. Daighila – 2
2. Sepanjang Hari – Kenyataan Ini
3. aspidistrafly – Red Toe Nails (Haruka Nakamura’s Noite Quieta Remix)
4. Last Action Hero – Go Away
5. Struggle Than Before – Diam Itu Emas & Try Harder In Your Life
6. Sushibashi – Katakan!!
7. Ila Mitra – Our Revolution
8. Killeur Calculateur – Fuck ‘Em Kids
9. Braveheart – Try Harder In Your Life
10. Kias Fansuri – We Wrote This Route On The Map
11. Happy Riol Forever – Cheerz For Glorious
12. Still Virgin – Summer Romantic
13. Flica – l (Fjordne Remix)
14. The Refugee – Solitude
15. Neverall – Just Tell Me Its Not True
16. The Momo – Butterfly
17. Freewill – Tertawa Dan Terkutux
18. The Little Rock – Crazy For Once More
19. Thousand Needles – Inspirasiku
20. Utarid – Untitled
21. At Least I Speak – Swollen Heart For A Broken Part
22. Hardmilk – Lost From There So Fast
23. Right Choice – Perpisahan
24. Summer Seasons – Song For You

For some other SE Asia fun, check out the Undermusik blog, who, while based in and focused on Japan, occasionally upload some material from their further south island kin. Some of it ended up here. And for one of the best names in Malaysian hardcore, check out and order some cassettes from the Utarid label!

Also, if you’re in the Kuala Lumpur area tomorrow (or today, rather), check out this screening of Edge the Movie.

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