Are You Trunked?

Trunks is a growing, swaying, reaching-for-the-stars French band taking root. They are awfully nice as well. Below are two or all of their albums! Here is what has been said about them:


Trunks was born with the astonish collaboration of Laetitia Shériff (bass), Régis Boulard (drums), Stéphane Fromentin (guitar), Régis Gautier (guitar) and Daniel Paboeuf (sax) and today enhanced with guitarist Florian Marzano, and likes to call itself nor a group nor a band, but more an artistic collaboration.
These remarkable musicians for their development come from pop-rock music or improvisation and like to meet each other on Jack Kerouac’s road, throught his words; his short poems; his haikus through their high tensed music.

TRUNKS, c’est une voiture suédoise pas très blonde. Dans le coffre, il y a un vrai batteur, un vrai saxophoniste, deux vrais guitaristes et une vraie bassiste avec une vraie voix. On voit bien qu’ils sont heureux d’être la, mais surtout, on l’entend. Dans l’autoradio, il y a de la pop, du rock, de la noise et du jazz. La route est dense, souvent tortueuse, rapide parfois, mais surtout elle va loin, très loin… TRUNKS, c’est pas un vieux diesel : ça roule au sourire pour aller où ça veut. TRUNKS se fout du prix du pétrole !

Trunks – Kniee / Journey to the Line EP (2010)

Trunks – Use Less LP (2007)

a TRUNKS video:

Trunks Myspace

Both Trunks and We Only Said songs were on my Friends of LAB mix, so check that out for more! Below are two more bands and videos connected to Florian of Trunks.

a WE ONLY SAID video:
Uploaded by daronhill. – Explore more music videos.
We Only Said Myspace

a CONTRÉO video:
Contréo – Oh I Wish
Uploaded by florianmarzano. – Watch more music videos, in HD!
Contréo Myspace

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