LAB034 – The Whole Justin Vernon

When Justin Vernon finally hit, he hit hard. And fast. To myself and the majority of his now-fanbase, Justin Vernon came obscured; by way of blog and small talk, a lonely lumberjack all guitared-and-broken-hearted. A new recluse, perhaps, with a knack for dynamics. Jagjaguar made it promising, releasing, no, wait, re-releasing, his lo-fi, nine-track debut. And with that he made like IKEA and became a household name. Out of the box and up within minutes, but, as he’s since proven, a bit less of a complete piece of shit than my shoddy nightstand. His résumé now modestly name drops Peter Gabriel, Collections of Colonies of Bees, world-reknowned jazz ensembles, the Twilight Saga, Grey’s Anatomy and numerous other television shows, Rolling Stone and numerous other magazines, and, of course, praise from the blogging and listening public.

But what most of us were oblivious to is what happened pre-Bon Iver. Justin didn’t, in fact, just come out of the woodworks. After a little searching, or stalking, it becomes clear that he’s actually got quite the back catalogue going as well. A prominent member of the Eau Claire music scene, Justin first recorded under various monikers in high school, eventually leading him to what would be named DeYarmond Edison, whose members would eventually split to form Megafaun and Bon Iver. “For Emma” was recorded after Justin returned to his native Wisconsin from DeYarmond Edison’s move to North Carolina, where both the band and his relationship had hit the skids. All of this material is absolutely fantastic.

The following is a collection of recordings taken from his entire catalogue, sans the two Jagjaguar Bon Iver releases, “For Emma” and “Blood Bank”. A good amount of these are rare and out of print, or at the least pretty hard to get a hold of. The second disc ventures some into his more experimental tracks, while the first is quite melodic most of the way through. Two of my favorite releases of his are both DeYarmond Edison’s and Justin Vernon’s self-titled efforts, or “Self Record”. Other notable songs are the new GAYNGS single, the Bon Iver Daytrotter Session song, DeYarmond Edison’s ‘Song For A Lover Of Long Ago’ (an early nod toward “For Emma”?), Volcano Choir’s ‘Still’ (a late nod toward ‘Woods’?) and his Okkervil River cover, ripped from YouTube. For further reading, check out these sites:

Bon Iver dot org
Bon Iver at Myspace
Justin Vernon at Wikipedia w/discography

Anaïs Mitchell
The Rosebuds
Eau Claire Jazz

Disc 1:
1. Justin Vernon – Above The Code
2. DeYarmond Edison – Heart For Hire
3. Justin Vernon – Ring Out
4. Bon Iver – Lump Sum (Live)
5. The Rosebuds – Get Up Get Out (Justin Vernon Remix)
6. Anaïs Mitchell – If It’s True (feat. Justin Vernon)
7. Bon Iver – Brackett, WI
8. DeYarmond Edison – Step It Up And Go [Bob Dylan] (Live)
9. Justin Vernon – Hazeltos
10. Justin Vernon – Frail Sail
11. Volcano Choir – Seeplymouth
12. DeYarmond Edison – Conquistadors
13. Eau Claire Memorial Jazz I featuring Justin Vernon – For Emma (Live)
14. DeYarmond Edison – Dusty Road (So Kind)
15. DeYarmond Edison – Song For A Lover Of Long Ago
16. Bon Iver – Creature Fear (Daytrotter Session)
17. Justin Vernon – Redemption:1 (An Army Man And His Self-Discovery)

Disc 2:
1. DeYarmond Edison – Afro Blue (Live)
2. Gayngs – The Gaudy Side Of Town (Edit)
3. DeYarmond Edison – Baby Done Got Your Number
4. Anaïs Mitchell – Way Down Hadestown (feat. Justin Vernon, Ani DiFranco & Ben Knox Miller)
5. Volcano Choir – Cool Knowledge
6. Bon Iver – Blue Tulip [Okkervil River] (YouTube rip)
7. Justin Vernon – The Orient. And The Gatsby’s Slew Of Choices
8. DeYarmond Edison – The Lake
9. Bon Iver – Come Talk To Me [Peter Gabriel]
10. DeYarmond Edison – Exercise In Abandonment (Live)
11. Eau Claire Memorial Jazz I featuring Justin Vernon – Lady Is A Tramp [Frank Sinatra] (Live)
12. Bon Iver & St. Vincent – Roslyn
13. Justin Vernon – The Whippgrass
14. Justin Vernon – O’re The Hills, ‘kneath The Gape
15. Volcano Choir – Still
16. Justin Vernon + Aaron Dessner – Big Red Machine
17. DeYarmond Edison – Leave Me Wishing More
18. Mount Vernon – 56

LAB034 – The Whole Justin Vernon (Disc 1)
LAB034 – The Whole Justin Vernon (Disc 2)


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