LAB033 – Friends Of LAB!

LAB033 – Friends Of LAB!

Friends of LAB, I’m pleased to be introducing you to mix number the thirty-third: Friends Of LAB!

This is a Brobdingnagian THANK YOU! for everybody keeping interest in music and supporting the scene. A whole new slew of LAB mixes are in the works, with some killer surprises in store, so check back!

1. Animal Style – Life’s A Beach
I think it was like fourteen months ago Jon took up the drums, and now he’s got just about as many bands. He is also prime conspirator and proprietor of I Hate Rock N’ Roll Records, home to some fancy vinyl releases by Darker My Love, The Muslims (now the Soft Pack), Tweak Bird, etc. Animal Style itself is another great ‘lo-fi’ or ‘indie’ band sandwich with big ol’ slices of psychedelia and post-punx in it for yr ultimate toothsome experience

2. No Through Road – One More Kiss Before Dying
No Through Road is from Australia. Matt & Co. write great songs and do great covers. You may hear Pavement resemblances, like if Pavement played through a telephone filter and maybe once considered using a ukelele, but didn’t. They also have a great new logo and many things available on their website, which from here you have to access through their Myspace, which I linked because I support the Man, man. Or, wait, here it is.

3. The Waking Call – Wicked Thieves (Master 1)
THE ROSNER’S and/or HÖRPHENWÉIKER’S. Local Southern Californian band comprised of one part melody-man that can’t tell time and one part soundboard prodigy who can. Couple that with an infamous once-Rolling Stones mixer mixing it, and you’ve got yourself a deal. (note: this is his first mix, and ultimately not one they were all satisfied with. The final mix is in the works.) You may also experience the Rosner experience with The Jackal’s Son. Just for the sake of saying ‘I told you so’, but not for any promotional reasons, let’s say that The Waking Call is to Thrice as The Jackal’s Son is to Dustin Kensrue.

4. We Only Said – Go Rotten
We Only Said is a French band started by Florian of the I’m-pretty-sure-now-defunct other French band, Trunks. It’s like they took many great post-rock albums, spun them at 45rpm, added some lyrics, poured some creamer on there, let them slowly warp from natural light, and then wrote great new moody pop songs that sound much better than that resulting mess of an image I created would have. Their album is mastered by Bob Weston from Shellac. You can view a video for another track here.

5. Home Video – You Will Know What To Do
Home Video seem to have great control over their sound and image, an indie-electro thing with a misleading format name. They’re from Brooklyn, so they’ll be huge soon.

6. BOYZ & GIRL – Kiss Me Blind (2009.7.3 Live @ Underworld)
Taiwan! Oh, let me tell you about the music scene in Taiwan. It is fantastic. So, there’s this girl from a band called Nipples (now Aphasia) who runs this record store and label called White Wabbit Records that’s located in an underground, literally and figuratively, magicland also occupied by a bar called Free Hugs!, a tattoo parlor, and a venue known as the Wall where I never actually saw BOYZ & GIRL play but where, rather, I met Jon of BOYZ & GIRL and saw other bands play instead. This track was recorded live at Underworld, which is not the Wall, but is too underground. Jon and Ben Ben, which to the best of my Mandarin abilities translates as the Measure Word for Books the Measure Word for Books, lead BOYZ & GIRL down their psychedelic-pop path of construction. A great place to start with the Taipei scene is at the Da Party compilation.

7. Juands Of Magic! – The Nurture Of Despair
‘Juands’ is Jon of BOYZ & GIRL doing bedroom piano pieces. Check out their blog for more, linked above.

8. Basspop – Nurse In The Dome (320 kbps)
San Francisco expat Matt Spencer is DJ Basspop. It looks like he’s having quite a lot of fun up there, let my tell you. Add them for useful updates that include music. His brother Chris is another great musician, but who the hell knows where Chris is these days anyway?

9. Whirl – Meaningless
Whirl plays shoegaze and are also from the Bay Area. They are currently recording or nearing release of new stuff! You can buy their cassette from their Myspace, in the meanwhile. There is also a Heroin song called ‘Meaningless’.

10. Parallel Pyres – Chunjie
OK, friend of a friend, but I’m into it anyway.

11. Heirs – Cabal
Heirs play what some would call post-metal, from what some would call Australia. They’ve got a HUGE European tour lined up for later this year, check ’em out if you can. Also check out Denovali Records for more info and free tunes, including this Heirs album.

12. The Jackal’s Son – House Of Straw
This is Sean Rosner’s folky solo gig. He sent this my way sometime after I uploaded his first track, ‘Home’, to the blog, and told me that he just had to do a sad song. This track also marks his slide guitar debut. Recorded by his cousin in a fairly DIY fashion, this track holds its own with the best of ’em.

13. pope anything – Up Against The Wall
Jonathan Harry Weinberg at the kit #2. They rock LA-style like they should. A wonderful band name, I must say.

14. Forgotten Charity – So Subtle
Based in Portland, Oregon, but left a piece of their hearts in Southern California. Forgotten Charity is led by husband-and-wife Jared and Brittney, and you can download their album, ‘From Pole To Pole’, on iTunes! Wow! Some of the most fantastic people you’ll ever meet, and some seriously great songwriters as well.

15. Timber – Youth Wasted On Young
Post-hardcore East-coast style. Unfortunately, Timber is no longer.

16. Trunks – Kniee
Florian from France #2. Soft, moving, dreamy indie pop. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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