LAB031 – Folkgrass Indiepunk

LAB031 – Folkgrass Indiepunk!

Ohh this is a fun mix. In a world of genre defining and refining, I made up my own and stole from the other ones. The songs accompany each other wonderfully, and together they can accompany you! by the beach, alone on the road, at a crunk party; wherever. Jason Molina makes a rare double appearance. So that’s exciting. And the National’s ‘Black Session’ song is quite grand. Folkgrass-Indiepunx 4 lYfe.

1. Right Away, Great Captain! – I’m Not Ready To Forgive You
2. The National – Secret Meeting (Black Session)
3. Chuck Ragan – The Boat (Blueprint Session)
4. Old Canes – Both Falling Bright
5. Jeffrey Lewis & The Junkyard – Roll Bus Roll
6. Langhorne Slim – Honey Pie
7. The Avett Brothers – Talk On Indolence
8. Ghost Mice – Lost City
9. Jenny Hoyston & William Elliot Whitmore – You’ve Already Gone
10. The Mountain Goats – Lovecraft In Brooklyn
11. Fake Problems – How Far Our Bodies Go
12. Two Gallants – I’m Her Man (Sweet Baby Jesus)
13. Ezra Furman & The Harpoons – Big Deal
14. The Jackal’s Son – Home
15. Molina & Johnson – Twenty Cycles To The Ground
16. Andrew Jackson Jihad – Rejoice
17. Dustin Kensrue – I Knew You Before
18. Magnolia Electric Co. – What’s Broken Becomes Better
19. Deer TIck – Not So Dense
20. Fire On Fire – Three Or More

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