LAB029 – The Best Of 2009

LAB029 – The Best Of 2009

1. No Age – Losing Feeling
2. Old Growth – Hey Young
3. The Avett Brothers – January Wedding
4. El Perro Del Mar – Change Of Heart
5. My Heart To Joy – Empty Homes
6. Dead Friends – Guh Guh
7. Handsome Furs – Talking Hotel Arbat Blues
8. Volcano Choir – Island, IS
9. Obits – Two-Headed Coin
10. A Wilhelm Scream – Skid Rock
11. Used Kids – I Know You’re Mine
12. Loser Life – Growing Up
13. Bomb The Music Industry! – 25!
14. The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart – Everything With You
15. Rain Machine – Love Won’t Save You
16. The Appleseed Cast – South Col
17. Lou Barlow – One Machine, One Long Flight
18. Thrice – Beggars
19. Cursive – What Have I Done?
20. Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band – En Fuego
21. Propagandhi – The Banger’s Embrace

Bon Iver’s “Blood Bank” was on here but the version I have is mixed so low or of such poor quality that it wasn’t worth it. A whole bunch of other songs were on here at one point as well, but I’ll leave those to the imagination––or to the list below. I also like the Machester Orchestra and Converge, but, you know, you’ve heard those already, and hate/love them enough as is.

Top 11 Of 2009:

1. My Heart To Joy – Seasons In Verse

It’s 90’s, it’s emo, it’s 2009. I like this band because they let us download their old material and they post their lyrics and they seem to enjoy life despite their chosen stylings of music and the completely redefined genre tag that accompanies it. Their name used to be My Heart To Joy At The Same Tone, for sake. I haven’t seen them play, I don’t even know if they have over here. I’m sure they’re nice dudes. I bought their album on vinyl. I’m not listening to it right now, but I kind of want to be.

Website (Free Downloads!)

2. Pissed Punx

In 2007 we had Ghostlimb’s s/t and Pusher’s s/t, and in that tradition 2009 gave us albums from Loser Life and Dead Friends. All freaking four of these albums will fit on a CD-R, with room to spare. That’s irrelevant. Dead Friends has men or mens from Religious As Fuck (sure, throw their split on that CD-R as well) and Assholeparade, and are some asshole as fuck friends themselves. Loser Life is the best thing to happen to Bakersfield since Bakersfield existed. There isn’t much else in common, and there isn’t much else to know.

a) Loser Life – Friends With A Demon

Website (Free Downloads!)

b) Dead Friends – Dead Friends


3. Obits – I Blame You

This is just a beautiful thing. You know who’s involved here, and I have to say they stepped it up in the artwork department as well. Does anybody have their Record Store Day 7″s?


4. A City Safe From Sea – Throw Me Through Walls

If you have no idea where left field is, these guys can sure as hell find it for you. Check my previous post about them. (and Loser Life, holy foreshadowing, Batman!)

Free Downloads! from Gimme Sound

5. Lou Barlow – Goodnight Unknown

Candidate for man of the year, at least in relevancy to my music purchases. I got that Sebadoh III reissue, Bakesale on cassette, a Folk Implosion single from the movie Kids, and both of his solo albums. Goodnight Unknown is similar in style to Emoh
, but picks up a few balls Emoh dropped. It also may be the most agreeable with the girlfriend from this list.


6. Bomb The Music Industry! – Scrambles

Second choice for man of the year, but Jeff appears TWICE! Kudrow’s 7″ is down near the bottom somewhere. I haven’t been on the BtMI! bandwagon very long, but I’m in it for the ride now. (are you enjoying my idioms and analogies?) Go download the entire freaking discography just because you can.

Free Downloads! from Quote Unquote

7. Euro Screamo

Dude, Norway, slow the fuck down. There’s like three of your peeps listed below. Stop hogging all the good. Oh members of Daitro are in 12XU who did a split with Old Growth, also good. There’s some strange artwork involved with most of these releases, but the recordings themselves are spot-on.

a) Sigh & Explode – These Seem Like Tarantulas


b) Dominic – Nord


c) Kaospilot – Shadows


d) Daïtro – Y


8. Chris Crisci & Co.

a) The Appleseed Cast – Sagarmatha

So I’m sure you see the relationship here. Mr Crisci did wonderful things this year, and Sagarmatha has been sitting here for our consideration since January! A lot of the other January albums I’ve since tired of or forgotten about, so being at #8 is saying something. Feral Harmonic, though, had much to prove after Early Morning Hymns, and just wasn’t the same all-the-way-through kind of album. But A+ for the packaging effort, why wasn’t my copy signed and dusted with gold, huh? Geeeezz…


b) Old Canes – Feral Harmonic


9. CanEHdians

This circle of musicians is one the strongest out there, and they really put some neat things to tape recently. You know what’s weird? I listened to Face Control from the back of an airplane headrest. And then I listened to Doves, who weren’t as good.

a) Handsome Furs – Face Control


b) Swan Lake – Enemy Mine


10. Rain Machine – Rain Machine

Sounds like TVotR, you say? I did. Who cares if Kyp didn’t reinvent the wheel, roll around in Sigur Rós leftovers or play Costello covers for his solo record, this fucking rocks. The Iran record is worth its two cents as well.


11. Archive – Controlling Crowds

Alright, I was in Ourense, Galicia, Spain, and some elsewhere-European expats introduced me to the Paris-via-London club sensation that is Archive. Controlling Crowds made my stay there (nah, the thermals, the friends, the food did––but Archive helped) and, to boot, have since released a second disc called Part IV. No idea where parts II and III went. I don’t much ‘chillax’ or what have you, but this was anyway this years soundtrack to that spirit.

Part IV


Top Other Of 2009:

1. Bad Secrets – Bad Secrets
RE Myspace

2. If You Make It bands!

Get Bent

Iron Chic

Kudrow – Lando

3. The Psalms – Ishmael’s Wishlist
Download! from Hewhocorrupts

4. Bon Iver – Blood Bank

5. Torche/Boris – Chapter Ahead Being Fake, other stuff both Torche and Boris did
Torche Website
Torche Myspace
Boris Website
Boris Myspace

6. Comadre – A Wolf Ticket + Mixtapes
Bloodtown Records Myspace
Free Downloads! from Siq Drug Front

Even more exciting things this year include a return from Portraits Of Past, the Young Widows 7″ split series, End Of A Year did some stuff, Black Kites recorded, Burning Love recorded (free download on their Myspace), Maserati did some stuff (RIP Jerry Fuchs), some other people, some other good stuff, oh, Polvo returned, too, and I like Andrew Jackson Jihad and Mono. Cheers to another decade.


2 thoughts on “LAB029 – The Best Of 2009

  1. ehhh! I like it that Sigh & Explode are in that list. one is a good friend! they're really great live. enough said. I've just discovered your blog and it's a little bit wonderful. xo

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