LAB028 – eStreet Teamer, Vol. 2: Robotic Empire

LAB028 – eStreet Teamer, Vol. 2: Robotic Empire

Second installment of the eStreet Teamer series. First one was Latitudes. This one is ROBOTIC EMPIRE. I don’t believe there’s much that needs to be said; RE is one of the more individual, dedicated and successful labels of our interest and era. They’ve been releasing albums since the Pg. 99/Reactor No. 7 split back in 1999, back when Robotic Empire was Robodog and some of us were listening to Limb Bizkit anyway. They’ve since continued to release some highly innovative music in some highly innovative ways, and if proof of this is needed look no further than their latest project, the FLOOR box set.

The tracks on this mix are more or less a personal ‘best of’, keeping in mind their entire catalogue and my limited space for twenty-minute epics. If you’ve an opinion about what I should have included, should’ve not included or should’ve been listening to instead, I would love to hear it.

1. Pg. 99 – Punk Rock In The Wrong Hands
2. Dial – If You’re Not Battling
3. Circle Takes The Square – Interview At The Ruins
4. Verse En Coma – Through Ice Patches And Pine Trees
5. Stop It!! – Remove Your Teeth
6. Crestfallen – Early To Bed Early To Rise Again
7. The Red Chord – Dreaming In Dog Years
8. Crowpath – Among Cards And Pawns
9. Employer, Employee – Summon The Vermin
10. Red Sparowes – Buildings Began To Stretch Wide Across The Sky, And The Air Filled With A Reddish Glow.
11. Kayo Dot – Aura On An Asylum Wall
12. Mannequin – Skin
13. Versoma – Gods And Queens
14. Torche – Mentor
15. Bad Secrets – Lay Down
16. The Now – Who Is This “Jawns” I Keep Hearing About
17. Grails – In The Beginning
18. Neil Perry – Fading Away Like The Rest Of Them
19. Ultra Dolphins – White Substance
20. Pygmy Lush – Send Bombs
21. Pink Razors – Fine Food 5:15

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