LAB027 – FUCK. YEAH. (FYF Fest)

Well, look at that. Just as I promise you nothing will be coming, here something comes! And it’s good! Nay, exceptional! In anticipation of this years newly-renamed F Yeah Fest, here’s the unofficial sampler of only some of the bands you may or may not be entertained by; but for preference may. Newbies but goodies!

LAB027 – FUCK. YEAH. (FYF Fest)

1. Fucked Up – No Epiphany (No Age Remix)
2. Wavves – Lover
3. Torche – Across The Shield
4. The Thermals – Now We Can See
5. Crystal Antlers – Until The Sun Dies (Part 1)
6. Converge – Dark Horse
7. Mika Miko – With My Ducks
8. Times New Viking – (My Head)
9. No Age – Losing Feeling
10. Woods – The Number
11. Glass Candy – The Fairy Feller’s Master Stroke [Queen]
12. Fucked Up – Mustaa Lunta
13. Darker My Love – Hair Decisions
14. Cold Cave – In A Cave
15. Black Lips – Drugs
16. Crystal Antlers – Until The Sun Dies (Part 2)
17. Lightning Bolt – Crown Of Storms
18. Grabass Charlestons – Bossman
19. Matt Skiba – Good Fucking Bye
20. Darker My Love – Blue Day (Live at Amoeba)
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