Fuck Yeah Fest / Bangkok to Beijing by Bicycle

… is no longer known as Fuck Yeah Fest.

But it’s just as awesome even sans the exclamatory handle.

And especially since this change is in the good name of supporting state parks.

So Fuck Yeah Fest Fest dot com, or |fīf| colloquially, is where you now want to head, and the Los Angeles State Historic Park is where you’ll want to be heading come September 5th. Latest rumor is Torche has joined the roster too, and since I missed their free show earlier this month I see this as good news.

But equally important and completely irrelevant is the second subject at hand, as suggested by post title: Bangkok to Beijing by Bicycle!

That’s me, in real life, and almost human form (finally!)

But in all seriousness, I’m waiting for you to click. Bookmark. Follow. Support. I’ll be needing it, and you’ll be getting valuable updates about the current state of China’s road conditions.


Apropos what you’re in actual fact here for, however, I just transferred my music from it’s substandard 250GB location to a cutting-edge 1TB and successfully deleted everything, followed by successfully recovering everything apart from my playlists. If you pay close attention you’ll note this isn’t the first time. So that whole “uploading mixes” idea I’ve got for this mix tape blog has made like your old Walkman and… is stuck on pause. Which leaves you listening to Mom’s tuner, quivering under the knowledge of how well you call to mind Sheryl Crow lyrics.

All apologies.

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