A City Safe From Sea / Loser Life

HOLY FATHER OF FUCK A MOTHER’S PEARLY GHOST this band is good. If I could gather them up and cuddle them deep inside a pillow-and-refrigerator-box fort forever I would have done so a half hour ago when I got the Magic Bullet email which did little to inform me of some artist-turned-tone-geek who thought about releasing some music and possibly had a knack for hooks, HOOKS! they’re everywhere! and delicious if not at all edible, but anyways I’m fucking starving now and if you know me at all you know I’m no good at sharing eel rolls and Cherry Garcia and other things I consider delicacy but this band wrote music for people to digest so go download it from Gimme Sound or more preferably stop and drop all of $5 on the hard copy from Magic Bullet THAT’S LESS THAN AN EEL ROLL and it’ll mean you’ll be a part of some exclusive club that I’ll be in too so if you want to come deep inside my fort with your hard copy you are welcome. Get your mind out of the gutter.

Speaking of gutters, I’d also like to use this as an excuse to point out a free discography from Bakersfield’s finest Loser Life, who I just realized are on Magic Bullet now too but have a classic DIY back catalogue which extends across labels and continents making it hard to own the releases in their preferred formats and even if you did you would download the MP3’s anyways so I hereby demand you to spin some Loser Life and some A City Safe From Sea today and support Magic Bullet because that’s apparently what I do and have as good of a day as I am having because it is nice outside and I don’t have work and tonight I’m going to see a free showing of Wall-E with a special female and hopefully get eel rolls after.

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