Must… Start… Fresh… (LAB024, 025, 026) (!!!)

Alright, so I’ve had a couple of mixes in construction since lord knows when and, well, here they are. I need a clean slate to keep moving. 026 is the next Butcher Shop installment, and the other two are more-or-less themed, probably leaning more towards the latter but nonetheless sweet. Noteworthies are the Sigur Rós 3-track EP I layered into one, as suggested by the band; the rare Tidal track; the Lemonheads-ala-Pink Razors cover


1. Oneida – Fantastic Morgue
2. The Nation Blue – Modern Warfare
3. Department Of Homeland Security – God Bless The Dixie Chicks
4. Defiance, Ohio – Petty Problems
5. Dead Meadow – What Needs Must Be
6. Ladyhawk – I Don’t Always Know What You’re Saying
7. Langhorne Slim – Restless
8. Joseph Plunket – Track 04 from his CD-R
9. Moccasin – Last Leaf
10. Frog Eyes – The Ox Who Drank His Blood
11. Call Me Lightning – Soft Skeletons
12. Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks – The Hook
13. Minus The Bear – Burying Luck
14. Swan Lake – Petersburg, Liberty Theater, 1914
15. Jerk With A Bomb – Fine Health Is At Home
16. If – All Right (Lord Knows)
17. Howlin’ Rain – Lord Have Mercy


1. Prophet Omega – The Right Thing
2. Lightspeed Champion – Waiting Game
3. UNKLE – No Hits [Black Mountain] (Remix)
4. Flashbulb Memory – Money Clip
5. Luminous Orange – Every Single Child
6. The End Of The World – Party’s Over
7. Boredoms – Tilde
8. The Black Soul Choir – Toward The Night
9. Tidal – Peacemaker
10. Findlay Brown – Loneliness I Fear
11. Sigur Rós – Ba Ba Ti Ki Di Do (Layered)
12. Metric – Hardwire


1. Beirut – Hallelujah [Leonard Cohen]
2. Pink Razors – Uhhh [The Lemonheads]
3. Spoon – Peace Like A River [Paul Simon] (Daytrotter Session)
4. Tera Melos – Meant For You [The Beach Boys]
5. Pelican – Diggers Of Ditches Everywhere [These Arms Are Snakes]
6. Nouvelle Vague – Ever Fallen In Love [The Buzzcocks]
7. The Books – Cello Song [Nick Drake] (feat. Jose Gonzalez)
8. End Of A Year – Red Tape Parade [Seaweed]
9. Playing Enemy – Riot [Dead Kennedys]
10. Thrice – The Earth Isn’t Humming [Frodus]
11. Constantines – Thank You For Sending Me An Angel [Talking Heads]
12. The Minor Canon – Car [Built To Spill] (Live)
13. Cave In – The Callus [Giants Chair]
14. Strung Out – Bark At The Moon [Ozzy Osbourne]
15. Part Chimp – Wild Honey Pie [The Beatles]
16. The Saddest Landscape – Accident Prone [Jawbreaker]
17. Okkervil River – Riot Act [Elvis Costello]
18. Against Me! – Bastards Of Young [The Replacements]

And if anybody else is like me and unwilling to shell out for the new Khanate, redirect your mouse to these Chicagoan sound sculptors instead.


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