Going Back To Forward Thinking, Sort Of

I’d just like to point out the magic happening over here. Free tunes of the Yo Man, Go! and Iron Chic variety, and a Defiance, Ohio song that makes me lean this week towards the love side of my /hate relationship with said state. Also, unrelated, but Dominic… <3. That's the band there, not a comrade. I'm still batting for the same team; er, that's the same team I was on, previously, not the same team as in the 'same' oh forget it. This is what happens when This Ship Will Sink comes on. Speaking of, Tom did guest vox on Full Collapse?! Yeah I know! No you get out! Pinkberry, anyone?

I’m sorry. A new faithful brought up Prop 8 recently and reminded me my absentee ballot arrived a little late last year, I still feel kind of bad. At least that shit didn’t pass as quickly as Arnold’s proposition to cover his fuck-ups with death and taxes. All right, no deaths. Immediate, anyways; prolonged, however… Who still lives in California, seriously? Didn’t Guzman dirty-money his way into this desert? Not yet?! No you get out!

Alright so I need ideas, I’ve got a Nick Cave mix that survived the annual crash of my hard drive but I’m not feeling it right now. My battery has died, somebody jump-start this bitch.

I wanted to make a hip-hop mix too, for my car, but It’s taken the past few months to scrape together a whooping 50 minutes of material. Wait, no, I haven’t settled on an Aesop Rock song yet: 46 minutes, after pending removal of whichever Simon casts off the Island, or what other reality shows you prefer to reference. Maybe I should just stop driving.

Does anybody want to, like, go to Algeria with me?

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