LAB023 – The Best Of 2008 (Pending)

Three months removed and four from the blog, all apologies, I returned home and to the world of new releases just last week. With my priorities in check, and scrambling, I pieced together a top ten of 2008 to let sit in the back of my head until last minute. The result? Almost too predictable to post. The conclusion? Make a mix instead!

Something between me going soft or bands gaining popularity kept out the usual obscurities this year. The bigger names like Boris and Okkervil River took the podium, in fierce competition with the Sigur Ros and Walkmen epics, trailed by a certain Darker My Love sophomore and everybody’s darlings TVOTR. And with late releases by The Bronx, Lords, God Is An Astronaut, etc, and my stellar ability to ignore Frightened Rabbit and the latter of two Grail’s albums until now, I couldn’t quite come around to posting what would feel like an incomplete line-up.

So to those who ride in on the wake of other e-pinions or who’ve actually kept anxious yet patient since LAB022, thank you, you’re welcome, and I hope your hard-earned carpel tunnel is properly recompensed. Very, very, soon.

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