LAB0022 – Screamo Gone Techno

LAB0022 – Screamo Gone Techno
Ohhoho yes. Compiled here are random remixes from various screamo mainstays that dare tread into techno territory. In the case of The June Spirit and Comadre (this is the second time I’ve upped it, it’s that good), the tracks were originally “hidden tracks” that I split from their respective albums. A few were download only or random compilation tracks, the Funeral Diner tracks came off the CD release of the Swept Under EP, and the Raein tracks are from a 3″ CD by the same name. Good stuff, not the easiest listen but it’s fun to hear different takes on some good tracks and watch different songs emerge entirely. I’d definitely like to expand on this concept, so if anybody knows of stuff I’m missing let it be known.

1. Raein – From 3 To 1 In 2 And 4 (Roccan Remix)
2. Comadre – (Hidden Track)
3. Funeral Diner – City Of Webs (Title Mix)
4. Heaven In Her Arms – AKAI YUME (Remix)
5. The Crimson Curse – Bloodthirty Lust (John Wiese/Bastard Noise Re-Mix)
6. The June Spirit – (Hidden Track)
7. Mass Movement Of The Moth – Four (Sword of Freedom Remix)
8. Funeral Diner – Shifting (Black Van Remix)
9. Funeral Diner – Shifting (Battery Cage “Street Arcade High Score” Remix)
10. Raein – From 3 To 1 In 2 And 4 (Elicheinfunzione Remix)
11. Heaven In Her Arms – A Secret Signal… Here Is… (Remix)
12. Funeral Diner – Shifting (Midnight Laserbeam Remix)
13. Gay For Johnny Depp vs. Blacksmoke – Shh, Put The Shiv To My Throat
14. Funeral Diner – This Truly Is God’s Country (See Colin Slash Mix)

Also, check out the previous post for some updates!

2 thoughts on “LAB0022 – Screamo Gone Techno

  1. i just found your site and noticed this nice little mix.. and i find myself wondering. how did you get around using the locust?!?! =)

  2. Argh! You don’t know how happy I am to rediscover this site! Ages and ages ago I downloaded your first podcast and loved the shit out of it. Took some time, because I didn’t listen to much emo and similar at the time, but it really grew on me. I’m so glad your site is still up, because quite frankly your taste in music is impeccable and your podcasts make this music fan very, very happy.

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