LAB021 – 7″s Of Love

LAB021 – 7″s Of Love

I decided to go with the recently ripped 7″s idea, I’ve come across some goodies lately and want to share them with the downloading public. All were ripped by myself, so some are not excellent in quality (i.e. the aged Yaphet Kotto debut), but most turned out great and will infuse your ears with an appropriate amount of needle noise. Ah, the nostalgia that I was in no way alive nor a part of in its glory days.

The new TT is here, can’t wait for the new album to start shipping. I got an old Kittens 7″, a Rumbleseat b-side, a couple splits and a sweet song from Japan’s Assault. Get Rad and Call Me Lightning, as odd as that is exciting, covered each others songs (and artwork) for a killer release, Constantines and Feist set some studio time aside together and took over a Bee-Gees via bad, big-haired country track. The Black Keys supplied a cover on their Strange Times single, and BTS put out some new recordings of old songs, live. The A Day In Black And White song is an earlier recording of a song that ended up on Notes, and it’s just as good here as it is in the context of the album. And for those unaware, In First Person is a newer project from You & I/The Assistant/This Ship Will Sink dudes. Go buy their album.

My e-friend Gabba keeps showing me up with all that artwork and such, so here is my feeble attempt of searching Google and linking pictures. Hopefully I’ll get around to taking pictures myself, but as for now it is dark and I need to get a new flash for my camera. Thanks for listening.

1. Transistor Transistor – Young Vampires Of New Hampshire
2. Transistor Transistor – White Knives
3. Fake Problems – Wendy Clear
4. Kittens – Hawaii
5. Rumbleseat – Walk Through The Darkness
6. They And The Children – Aphasia
7. Golden Birds – Have A Baby
8. Sinaloa – Cause And Effect
9. A Day In Black And White – All Plots
10. In First Person – En Sabah Nur
11. Get Rad – We Be Dragons [Call Me Lightning]
12. Call Me Lightning – You Over Rotated [Get Rad]
13. Built To Spill – The Source (Live)
14. Constantines + Feist – Islands In The Sun [Bee Gees]
15. Titan – Throne Of Blood
16. Yaphet Kotto – Usual Suspects
17. Yaphet Kotto – According To History
18. Assault – Martyrdom
19. The Black Keys – Something On Your Mind [Dino Valenti]
20. Grabass Charlestons – Game Of Pricks [Guided By Voices]
21. Built To Spill – Don’t Try (Live)

3 thoughts on “LAB021 – 7″s Of Love

  1. got about halfway through this I think today. I surprisingly quite like those Transistor Transistor tracks, as from listening to their Sinaloa split I don’t remember warming their heavy rock/screamo combo. That Rumbleseat b-side is real nice – what’s the A-side?also looking forward to getting to the Constantines track, I really like (and this might be a bit of a jump) their s/t debut, and I’ve been wondering about dl’ing Kensington Heights from eMusic. Plus Feist isn’t too bad…keep up the good work!

  2. the rumbleseat song was off the california burrito’s single, a very awesome song. the new constantines album is good as well, i’d definitely recommend getting it since you’re thinking about it. i have all 4 of their albums and this on is possibly my favorite yet.

  3. the Constantines/Feist track is really good. Something about the drums in Constantines that I really like… and that’s probably the most unlikely song to follow it up!

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