LAB020 – …And The ________ ___________ ____.

LAB020 – …And The ________ ___________ ____.

I’ll have to do the details later, but I’d figure I’d at least get the mix up for your enjoyment. A second “Best Of Screamo” mix beat out a “Best Of Nick Cave” mix by a whole point, so screamo i’tis! Also, I’ve had Tidal in rotation again, everything these dudes did was gold.

1. Amanda Woodward – La Malade Maquerelle
2. Hot Cross – Tacoma
3. Monarcs – Western Lands
4. Raein – Endless Tour Life
5. You And I – Broc Landers And The Mustang Cake
6. The Last Forty Seconds – I Wish That Somebody Would Tell Me That I’m OK
7. Daïtro – La Substance Et La Matiere
8. On The Might Of Princess – …And The Hat Stays On
9. Sweetheart – Don’t Flatter Yourself, I Just Write Songs
10. Hollow Jan – Tragic Flaw
11. Shikari – Utopia Dismantled
12. Silbato – Miracles In The Harbour
13. Orchid – …And The Cat Turned To Smoke
14. Nitro Mega Prayer – Shinjita Sekai
15. Montcalm – I Stopped Believing In Existance
16. ANODE – 離岸
17. This Machine Kills – Define Silence
18. Pg. 99 – The Longer Now
19. With Horse In Her Eyes – Page 5
20. Aghast – Money Is The Sinews Of The War Not The Target/Silence!?/On And On [Nations On Fire]

2 thoughts on “LAB020 – …And The ________ ___________ ____.

  1. I’m not a huge fan of most modern-day screamo, but I really like that “The Last Forty Seconds” track. I guess that kind of fits, they sound kind of retro…also, I love how ridiculous Nitro Mega Prayer sound! I missed the chance to see this last night: – three musicians from Ruins and Acid Mothers Temple playing in seven different combinations in one show. Not screamo, but I reckon it would have been cool.

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