LAB019 – The Butcher Shop, Vol. III:

LAB019 – The Butcher Shop, Vol. III:

Third installment of solely cover songs.

I found some new recordings, such as the Ai Aso/Wata split 7″, The New Pornographers Live! hidden track, The Faces’ cover, and I made a valiant effort trying to rip “I Drink The Wine” as covered by Forensics from the 7″, but my setup would not have it for some reason. It’s identical to the original, anyways. I also dug around for some older jams, like the Today Is The Day and the Nada Surf tracks. Hṛṣṭa covering the Bee Gees is pretty fucking awesome.

1. Hṛṣṭa – Holiday [Bee Gees]
2. Josh Ritter – Daddy’s Little Pumpkin [John Prine] (Live)
3. Lords – Immigrant Song [Led Zeppelin]
4. Nation Of Ulysses – Telepathic Love [Wipers]
5. Constantines – Thank You For Sending Me An Angel [Talking Heads]
6. Nada Surf – Sick Of You [Iggy Pop]
7. The New Pornographers – Dreams [Fleetwood Mac] (Live)
8. Stars – This Charming Man [The Smiths]
9. Japancakes – Sometimes [My Bloody Valentine]
10. Today Is The Day – Wicked Game [Chris Isaak]
11. Backstabbers Inc. – Expectations [Youth Of Today]
12. Beefeater – Manic D. [Jimi Hendrix]
13. Back When – A Present For Those Who Are Present [Jeromes Dream]
14. The Burning Paris – Asleep [The Smiths]
15. The Black Keys – Grown So Ugly [Robert Pete Williams]
16. The Dillinger Escape Plan – Rebel Yell [Billy Idol]
17. Jim Boggia – Debris [The Faces]
18. Nitro Mega Prayer – Lori Meyers [NoFX]
19. 朝生 愛 (Ai Aso) – Islands [King Crimson]
20. Das Oath – We Are The Champions [Queen]

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