LAB018 – eStreet Teamer, Vol. 1: Latitudes

LAB018 – eStreet Teamer, Vol. 1: Latitudes (Disc 1)
LAB018 – eStreet Teamer, Vol. 1: Latitudes (Disc 2)

The Latitudes label knows how to make a fucking series, so in honor of that I am devoting the first of my new series, eStreet Teamer, to them. Each eStreet Teamer mix will be devoted to a single label, as you might have guessed, and be solely comprised of tracks from bands that were released by the applicable label. WOW!

Latitudes is a Southern Records imprint that coaxes bands that are touring their native Britian to spend two days in the infamous Southern Studios and record whatever they wish. Some improve on previous material, some work on styles they aren’t necessarily know for, and some just jam the fuck out. Whichever the case, the exclusive material ends up being hand-numbered out of 1000 and difficult to get a hold of. Read the lit here.

The artwork:

I’ve compiled tracks from almost each session so far (that are available), but if you can get a hold of the albums in their entirety you should, they sound much better that way. Paradise Island is Jenny Hoyston from Erase Errata fame, Blood & Time is one of the Neurosis dudes (I forget who) and femme accomplice, and Sir Richard Bishop is the Esteban of the underground. WEW rocks a traditional cover, and Grails is… Grails. The Magik Markers, Ariel Pink and Circle tracks all push 15 minutes, and deliver on the freak-out jam factor you’d expect. The Shit And Shine session is one track, 42 minutes long and beats the hell out of all 4 drummers. This mix removes you from your surroundings and takes you to a state of pysch/folk (not to be confused with pysch-folk) bliss, y’all.

Disc 1:
1. Sir Richard Bishop – Abydos
2. Grails – Master Builder
3. William Elliot Whitmore – Buildin’ Me A Home
4. Miasma & The Carousel Of Headless Horses – Garp Gadriel
5. Ariel Pink – Pedestrian Pop Hits
6. Paradise Island – Leper Accountant
7. Circle – Screaming Luovutus
8. Blood & Time – Rake
9. Magik Markers – Ab’R-AChad-Ab

Disc 2:
1. Shit And Shine – Ladybird

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