ENVY – A Far-Off Reason/Signal (LAB mix)


A while ago I was playing around with some old ENVY songs, and I ended up mixing the first two tracks of theirs from the three-way split with Yaphet Kotto and This Machine Kills together (I’ve previously upped the original cut of “A Far-Off Reason” and the collaboration track from said album). I combined the tracks and brought back the epicness at the end, and fooled around in the middle slightly as well. Nothing to call home about, but it’s a fun listen.

Also, take a listen to Modest Mouse’s “The World At Large” and “Dark Center Of The Universe,” followed by The Warlocks “Come Save Us.” There is nothing wrong with recycled riffage, and obviously nothing wrong with writting similar riffage, and it’s not like The Warlocks to so blatantly lift a riff (from this decade at least, oh yeah), but you can’t ignore the elephant in the living room now, can you? Especially if it has fucking twins! HOLLA.

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